Training Packages 

AUSJET/ADCVA can supply your business with the very comprehensive Class A Training Package on a time dated memory stick.

  • Class A Training Package (Member) - $44.00 per person; and
  • Class A Training Package (Non-Member) - $66.00 per person.
  • Plus $25.00 Postage and Handling

Please note: AUSJET/ADCVA needs to receive payment before Training Package is sent.

Payments can be made by B-Pay or by credit card to:

  • Account Name: Australasian High Pressure Water Jetting Association Ltd
  • BSB Number: 062 607
  • Account Number: 10212332

Once payment has been made, the date restricted training material will be sent via memory stick (time frame set in accordance with amount of trainees), through the mail.

Upon completion, evidence of achievement is sent to AUSJET/ADCVA, who will then issue a Class A Training Card (Medical Alert Card) in the participants name to the applicant. The participant's name will be added to the AUSJET/ADCVA Class A training database.

For more information email or phone 0430 391 166.

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