Report an Incident

All individual and Company names are in the strictest of confidence, and will not be published in any form.

Names of individuals and company are required to jointly formulate Safety Alerts, to communicate incidents and improve overall industry safety.

AUSJET strongly promote participation by all Members

General Information


Date incident occurred:

-- --

Region where incident occured:


Type of incident:


In which part of the workplace did the incident occur:


Person reporting the incident:


Company the person reporting works for:


About the person


Occupation of person directly involved:


Experience of persons directly involved in this task:


Training level obtained:


Other training completed:


Hours completed prior to incident:

About the Incident


Time of incident:


Type of incident:


Result of injury:


Number of Days Lost:


Equipment category:


What equipment was being used:


Description of damage:


Description of injury:


Part of body injured:


Corrective Action


What happened unexpectedly:


What was the person doing:


What immediate action was taken:


What preventative action was taken:


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