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Hire and Rental Industry Association

The Hire and Rental Industry Association is the official industry association for hire and rental companies in Australia, providing benefits and services at both national and state levels.

Standards Australia

Standards Australia is the country's leading independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit standards organisation. We are also Australia's representatives of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Safe Work Australia

SWA is an Australian government statutory body established in 2008 to develop national policy relating to WHS and workers' compensation.

WaterJet Technology Association (WJTA)

WJTA is based in North America and includes members throughout the world. WJTA members are waterjet users and contractors; asset owners; manufacturers and suppliers; researchers and academics; consultants; students; and others with an interest in the association's sectors.

European Water Jetting Institute (EWJI)

The European Water Jetting Institute, EWJI, has a strong focus on developments in Europe, which are of interest to the water jetting industry.

Global Industrial Cleaning Coalition (GICC)

The Global Industrial Cleaning Coalition (GICC) is a group of industrial cleaning safety associations, asset owners, contractors, and equipment manufacturers voluntarily coming together to contribute to the creation and adoption of basic industrial cleaning principles around the world.

Water Jetting Association (WJA)

The Water Jetting Association (WJA) is the UK's leading member organisation for the water jetting industry representing the interests of water jetting contractors, manufacturers, equipment hirers and technology users.

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