February 2021


From the Chairman


In the strange times we are living in things change very, very quickly. At the time of the publication of our last newsletter just prior to Christmas, things around the country were looking very positive with borders re-opening. AUSJET/ADCVA was very confident of holding AUSJET21 in March 2021.

That all changed very quickly with multiple border closures reintroduced along with some additional border closures, which had previously not been in place. As a result of the uncertainty around borders AUSJET/ADCVA in the best interest of our members, exhibitors and the entire industry, we made the decision to delay the conference for a year.

We believe that by March 2022 a full vaccine roll out will have been completed, and that people will be confident to move across state borders to attend the event. Whilst it is disappointing with a lot of work already put in to running a great event, it presents us with an opportunity to put together an even better event in 2022. We will be making some announcements in the coming weeks about the relaunch of the event, which will include some networking events across all states. We hope to see you at one of those events.


We continue to be busy behind the scenes with our Drain Cleaning Best Practice work group kicking off, having had three meetings so far to develop best practice guidelines for the use of drain cleaning units. The project is currently on schedule and we expect to hold member workshops in April. These events will be held at state locations and via Zoom.


We are continuing to develop a project plan with the University of Wollongong for the study of the effects of pressure and flow on different underground asset types. We hope to have an agreement finalized with the University in the coming months.


Due to the Western Australian and Victorian government training bodies opposition to mandating 120 hours experience prior to completing MSMSS00004 - Operate a High-Pressure Water Jetting System, the roll out of the revised water jetting and vacuum loading courses has been delayed as a result.

This is very disappointing with these states decisions being made along geopolitical lines, rather than in the interests of safety and the wishes of industry. AUSJET/ADCVA are aware of a recent incident which we are awaiting information on, where an operator had completed the training and was deemed competent without having the recommended 120 hours experience. This operator was then involved in an incident which resulted in a water injection. We are now working with the regulator Safe Work Australia to bypass the state training bodies and mandate the 120 hours through the Safe Work Australia Guidelines for High Pressure Water Jetting.


Stay safe.

Peter Jones



Incident Reporting - We want to hear from you



One of the responsibilities of being a member of AUSJET/ADCVA is to report all incidents. It is important we communicate all incidents within our industry to prevent them from reoccurring and to improve industry safety both here in Australia and now globally through the GICC Global Industrial Cleaning Coalition.


All information is kept strictly confidential and can be reported through our website safety/report-an-incident-/, or directly to our administrator Gabe Wardle In all cases we request the contact details of the person reporting the incident, so we can work with them to develop an industry safety alert.


When developing the industry safety alerts any reference to the company that had the incident, or the location of the incident is removed. Prior to publishing the safety alert, we send a draft of the alert to the reporting person for their approval prior to distributing the alert to our members and on social media.


So, what should be reported?


In the past reporting has been generally around the higher consequence incidents, severe injuries, hospitalisations etc. To truly improve industry safety, we want to engage more, we would like to see all incidents involving High Pressure Water Jetting, Vacuum Loading, Drain Cleaning and Hydro Excavation reported including,


  • Accidents
  • Injuries
  • Near Misses
  • Environmental Incident


In some circumstances we understand that some incidents may be placed under legal privilege. In these instances if possible we would request that members simply advise AUSJET/ADCVA that an incident has occurred without specific detail, then at the completion of the investigation and the period of privilege, we can then work together to develop a safety alert.




The Global Industrial Cleaning Coalition: Creating Global Cleaning Standards to Improve Safety around the World


The GICC is pleased to have published the Seven Basic Principles of Chemical Cleaning. “It’s our goal to have basic principles for all industrial cleaning activities,” said Hans Borgt, GICC Steering Committee member, President of the EWJI, and technical associate for industrial cleaning at Dow Chemical. “We are happy to have taken the next step by publishing the seven basic principles of chemical cleaning. Safety is paramount when working with chemicals and our mission is to help all stakeholders promote and implement safe working practices.”


You can find them on the GICC website here:


The GICC Steering Committee met on 18th February 2021 to line out goals for 2021 and beyond. Expect to see revamped marketing and education efforts as well as a template for setting up GICC approved training and certification programs. The GICC also plans to participate in association events such as Germany’s DIRV annual conference held in September 2021, the WJTA’s annual conference and expo held in New Orleans USA in October 2021, and AUSJET’s  inaugural conference in March 2022, pending lifted Covid-19 travel and attendance restrictions.



Show your support by featuring our badge on your website. Please link to our website to help spread the word about this movement and your affiliation with it.


Industrial Theory Podcast

With Kerry Siggins


Guest:  Lance McKay: Industrial Cleaning in Australia and New Zealand


Lance McKay is the Business Development Manager of industrial services for Cleanaway, an industrial cleaning contractor based in Australia. Lance has served on the board of AUSJET, the safety organization for industrial cleaning activities in Australia and New Zealand, for the past three years. He also represents the Australasian High-Pressure Waterjetting Association (AUSJET / ADCVA) on the Global Industrial Cleaning Coalition (GICC) Steering Committee. Lance has 20 years of experience with high pressure waterjetting and vac loading in the industrial services industry, servicing contracts in municipal councils, water authorities, refinery, mining, offshore and CSG oil and gas.


Episode in a Tweet:

Listen as Kerry Siggins and Lance McKay discuss industrial cleaning in Australia and New Zealand, the vision of AUSJET, and their work together in the Global Industrial Cleaning Coalition.


Quick Background:

Host Kerry Siggins is joined by Lance McKay, the Business Development Manager of industrial services for Cleanaway, an industrial cleaning contractor based in Australia. Lance shares what’s happening in Australia and New Zealand’s industrial cleaning markets, as well as the biggest advancements he’s seen over the past 20 years, including safety practices and automation. Lance and Kerry discuss AUSJET and the Global Industrial Cleaning Coalition, and how the two organizations are working to drive advanced safety and training standards throughout the industrial cleaning industry. They also detail their shared passion to ensure that hydroblasting gains formal classification as a craftsmen trade.


To listen to this podcast, please follow the link below.


WJTA Update

The WaterJet Technology Association


Nominations Open for WJTA Board of Directors

Nominations for the WJTA Board of Directors are open to WJTA members in good standing through March 31. The newly elected directors will take office in October 2021. Due to vacancies, eight positions on the twelve-member Board of Directors will be filled in the upcoming election.


WJTA Webinar Series

WJTA’s free webinar series continues on Thursday, February 23, at 10am CST (GMT -6) with Wet Abrasive Blast Cleaning presented by Lydia Frenzel, Ph.D.

Upcoming webinar topics include Modifying Existing Waterjet Units for Maximum Performance, 22,000 psi – Enough Power to Cut 12-inch Steel?, and Proper Planning and Execution of Hydro-excavation.

Webinar recordings are viewable for 30 days after the presentation and are also archived on-demand for WJTA members. Details and registration are available at


WJTA Conference & Expo Update

Arrangements are continuing for the 2021 WJTA Conference & Expo, which will be held October 26-28 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The WJTA Conference & Expo includes a daylong waterjet technology short course, exhibits, live equipment demonstrations, education tracks for contractors and asset owners, networking opportunities and much more.


Call for Abstracts

The WaterJet Technology Association invites researchers and industry professionals to submit abstracts for presentation at the 2021 WJTA Conference & Expo being held October 26-28, 2021, in New Orleans, Louisiana.


This is a unique opportunity to meet and discuss the newest research, applications, best practices and technology with colleagues from around the world who are actively involved in ongoing technological developments and applications. We welcome abstracts relating to waterjet cutting/machining; waterjet cleaning; vacuum conveyance/air mover technology; hydro or pneumatic/air excavation; industrial cleaning and related service lines; surface prep/coating removal; hydro demolition; novel fluid-jet applications; safety; jet dynamics and modelling; robotics/automation; and market and future needs.


February 28, 2021 is the deadline for abstract submission. Abstracts accepted for presentation will be scheduled during the technical sessions on October 27-28. Accepted papers will be published in the 2021 WJTA Conference Proceedings.


The WJTA Conferences, which date back to the First U.S. Water Jet Conference in 1981, are recognized as one of the premier forums for technical research and case studies in water jetting and related technologies.


Details are available at


Exhibit Space Available

Excitement is high for WJTA 2021 following attendance growth and enthusiasm at the 2019 Conference & Expo. With the unfortunate cancellation of the 2020 Expo and other trade/sales events, the October Conference/Expo is an outstanding way for companies to reach existing and potential customers.


The deadline for discount pricing on exhibit space has been extended from February 1 to March 1, so new and returning exhibitors are encouraged to finalize their plans.


To learn more visit or contact Peter Wright at






Safety Snippets


Nozzle Ejection How to Control the Hazards


Nozzle ejection is dangerous and can cause severe injuries or fatalities. Whether you are lancing tubes, cleaning pipes, cleaning drain with a large drain cleaning unit or a plumber’s jetter, nozzle ejection is an ever-present danger.


Nozzle ejection can cause

  • Cutting injuries with water injection
  • Fractured and broken bones being struck by a nozzle
  • Brain injuries being struck by a nozzle
  • Death from cutting or sticking injuries


It is important to be aware what can cause nozzle ejection, and what control measure we can put in place to eliminate the risk or lower the risk to as low as reasonably practicable.


Some causes of nozzle ejection include.

  • Lack of back out prevention devices
  • Nozzles performing U turns within pipes
  • Nozzles not being correctly inserted in to tubes or pipes prior to starting the pump
  • Hydraulic action where the tube is blocked without enough clearance for the water to escape, causing a build-up of pressure forcing the nozzle backwards.


We should always firstly look to eliminate the risk by using automated devices such as lancing machines, remote controlled hose reels or other devices, which removes the operator from the interface with the high-pressure water.


Wherever possible an anti-withdrawal device should be used to prevent the nozzle from ejecting from the pipe, tube, drain or any other asset type where a flexible hose or tube with a nozzle is being used. Anti-withdrawal devices come in many shapes and sizes; they are available for all types of high- pressure water jetting pumps from a plumber’s jetter to large industrial high-pressure water pumps.


Anti-withdrawal devices can be as simple as a grate covering a manhole preventing a nozzle ejection, whilst cleaning a drain, through to devices engineered for specific tasks.







Simple anti-withdrawal device for small plumber’s jetters





Drain cleaning simple manhole cover




Tube cleaning anti withdrawal device grate



Member Moments – Five minutes of your time


In this edition, AUSJET speaks with Bill Kelly of Kelly’s Australia; Kelly’s Australia has been an AUSJET member since June 2014.




Hi Bill and welcome to the AUSJET Newsletter Member Moments. Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself and when you got started in the Industrial Services industry?

My introduction to industrial services, water jetting in particular, began in 1988 while working in New Zealand for Water Techs. At the time, the company was the country’s largest water jetting provider and I was privileged to work with a range of units, including the first ultra-high pressure unit in the southern hemisphere. After 2 years abroad we decided to head back to North Queensland where I worked in the sugar cane industry for a few years, then started our water jetting business in 1996. For the first year it was my wife, Raelene and I cleaning houses and roofs but that quickly changed and in the second year we purchased our second unit and started employing. And the rest…. as they say, is history.

We’re now in our 25th year and have the largest fleet of jetting units based in North Queensland.


Can you tell us about the services Kelly’s Australia provides, where you work and what industries you work in?

Kelly’s Australia provides a range of industrial services including Ultra-high and high pressure Water Jetting, Hydro jet Drain Cleaning, Vacuum loading, and CCTV Pipeline and Robotic Underwater Inspections throughout Australia. Industries serviced include marine, mining, oil & gas, civil, manufacturing and government.


What are some of the challengers you face, especially operating in remote locations?

One of the biggest challenges we face operating in North Qld is the time and costs involved in getting equipment and supplies in a timely manner. There’s no guarantee that ‘overnight’ delivery will actually be delivered next day or even the following. Another challenge is the limited availability to an experienced workforce when the need for extra personnel arises. Although working in remote locations has its disadvantages, not having everything at our fingertips tends to generate innovation. We’ve been able to accomplish many tasks that our larger ‘metro’ based opposition said could not be done, simply by thinking outside the box.


Being an indigenous owned and operated company, can you tell us how important it is to create career paths for young people, in the industrial services industry?

Kelly’s Australia is proudly indigenous owned and operated, with more than 40% indigenous workforce. We realise that our business benefits from having a diverse workplace with employees of all backgrounds. When recruiting we encourage applications from indigenous persons as we believe that placing Aboriginal people in sustainable, rewarding jobs has a profound impact on their self-esteem and confidence, and positively impacts on their families and communities. We’ve seen the evidence of this over the years.


How does Kelly’s Australia continually facilitate ongoing safety, training and development in the industry?

Safety is the highest priority in our workplace. Tool box talks are conducted each morning prior to work commencing. Safety meetings are held monthly to discuss any new safety alerts and/or recommendations. Employee interaction is imperative as they’re the ones working in the field and their feedback helps to identify areas requiring change or improvement. Most of our training is done in-house by our trainer and assessor Raelene Kelly, who has more than 24 years’ industry experience.  Raelene still works in the field occasionally to stay current with our processes. We’re continually keeping up to date with the technologies in our industry by attending industry specific exhibitions and/or workshops around the world, although due to COVID that has been on hold the past 12 months.


Has Kelly’s Australia just successfully completed any large scale projects / shutdowns that you would like to share?

In the past 12 months we’ve completed coatings removal from below water line and topside on 4 Armidale vessels at a shipyard in Cairns. Using our 2 UHP jetting units and vacuum unit, our teams worked 12 hour night-shifts to avoid disruption with other work crews. All work was completed on-time and within budget. The Tier 1 defence contractor was very impressed, by not only our services but also the level of our safety standards and procedures.



What do you believe have been some of the growth areas of the HPWJ industry over the past five years and what does the next five years look like?

We’ve seen a significant increase in our ultra-high pressure services in the past few years. This can be attributed to industries becoming more and more aware of what can be achieved using this technology. The future looks promising as technology evolves and the development and use of robotics increases.


Kelly’s Australia has been an AUSJET member since 2014, how have you found it and what are some of the benefits of being a member?

We’ve not had a lot of interaction with Ausjet over the years as travelling to meetings is time consuming and costly. We have on occasion reached out for information and/or advice which was freely given.

It is very encouraging to see the growth in membership and the changes the Association is making.



Kelly's Australia Depot


Visit Kelly's Australia via their website:




If you would like to share a Members Moments please contact




AUSJET/ADCVA welcomes new member

Plumblogic Plumbing

Nuflow Northwest Pipe Rehabilitation

Based in New South Wales





WELCOME TO PLUMBLOGIC - Logical Plumbing Services

PLUMBLOGIC provides a wide range of quality plumbing services for the Sydney metropolitan region: PLUMBLOGIC provides logical plumbing solutions to keep your business flowing! We cater to industrial, Commercial, Corporate and Domestic customers throughout the inner and outer Sydney region. Our regular clients include local residents, restaurants, schools, retail outlets, corporate office blocks, manufacturing and property maintenance groups.


Plumblogic Core Services:

Backflow Prevention and Consultation Specialist, Drainage - Blocked Drains, Sewer and Drainage Renewals, Emergency Service Gas Fitting & LPG Fitting (Liquified Petroleum Gas), Hot Water Heaters - Electric Hot Water, Gas Hot Water, Solar Hot Water, Kitchens & Bathrooms, Maintenance Services, Other Services: Roofing and Guttering, Piping Systems, Rain Water Harvesting & Water Tanks, Sanitation Systems, Thermostatic Mixing Valves, Trade and Industrial Waste, Valves and Pumps.

We service the inner and outer Sydney regions including Parramatta, Blacktown, Hills District, Penrith, Hornsby, Ryde, Lane Cove, North Sydney, Sydney City and more. Some of the suburb we service are Blacktown, Kings Langley, Kings Park, Lalor Park, Seven Hills, Quakers Hill, Schofields, Riverstone, Baulkham Hills, Castle Hill, Winston Hills, Northmead, North Parramatta, Parramatta, Carlingford, Oatlands, North Rocks, Hornsby, Lane Cove, Chatswood, Macquarie Park & Rydalmere

PLUMBLOGIC also provides the above plumbing services to the Hawkesbury region under its division, Hawkesbury Plumbing.



For more information about Plumblogic Plumbing / Nuflow Northwest Pipe Rehabilitation, go to their website:




Meet a Board Member – Rodney Purtill


I grew up on the outskirts of Bendigo in an old mining town called Sebastian where my father ran his Engineering business.

From the age of 10, every day after school and every weekend was spent in the workshop helping until I was ready to complete an apprenticeship as a Practical Mechanical Engineer (Fitter and Machinist)

This family business was known as a solutions engineering company, i.e. we did the work that others couldn’t or wouldn’t do, from special vehicle modifications, agricultural repairs, factory buildings, Horse floats, Trailers big and small and even vacuum and drainage equipment repairs along with anything else that came in the door on the day.

Through the years of my apprenticeship our engineering firm worked with some international companies, one of which was an Irish based Agricultural business called Keenan’s a company that later in my career I spent over 5 years working for.

I started my apprenticeship at the end of year 10 (form 4 for the wiser readers) and once I completed this, I went back to complete year 12 so I could look at Mechanical Engineering in University.

I had a few different occupations over the years from Landscaping, Hospitality, Meat worker in the abattoirs, Sales at Southern Steel Group, Production Manager at Industrial Conveying and then across to Keenan’s.




My role at Keenan’s had me running their service and support network around Australia and New Zealand while supporting their R&D team on new product developments, “If you can make it work in Australia it can work anywhere”.

Keenan’s was a demanding job with a lot of interstate travel, I conducted on farm training with both our contractors and clients but after 5 or so years and with the birth of my first child I decided it was time for a change.


The door opens on Spoutvac

I started Spoutvac in the procurement manager’s role, and spent just over 4 years working with supply chains and engineering to improve company efficiency.

A promotion saw an elevation to run the Service and Support side of the business.

I carried out this position for a further 5 years while still working with our international supply chains, and then with another promotion, I was asked to take on the role of Industrial Sales Manager.




Having worked with most of Spoutvac’s client base over the previous 5 years through Drain Cleaning programs and Vehicle Reliability Endeavours, and with my previous experience in sales it was an easy move.

It was also at this time I became Spoutvac’s representative member at AUSJET and for me I could see the benefits the group could pass onto the industry in regards to a safer future for operators and equipment.

A few years later and my outspoken personality landed me to becoming a part of the board where I do my best to bring the words of less vocal members to the group.

Most recently Spoutvac was procured by the Bucher Group (Previously known in Australia as McDonald Johnson Sweepers) and I continue my role in sales for Bucher in Vacuum and Jetting Equipment.




Rodney Purtill

Industrial Sales Manager

Vacuum and Jetting Equipment Bucher Australia



AUSJET / ADCVA Meetings for 2021




Please note: all meetings are being held via ZOOM until further notice.


General Meeting - Thursday 25th March 2021



Annual General Meeting - Thursday 26th August 2021

KOR Melbourne and via ZOOM


General Meeting - Thursday 25th November 2021

Venue to be announced


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Recommended Practices for the Use of Industrial Vacuum Equipment Booklet: First Edition 2020


The Australian first edition of the Recommended Practices for the use of Industrial Vacuum Equipment

Prepared by the Australasian High Pressure Water Jetting Association (AUSJET*)


1 - 10 books $19.80ea

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To ensure AUSJET receives your mail please forward our change of address details to all your departments!

The new postal address for all correspondence to AUSJET / ADCVA is: PO Box 182 Albion Park NSW 2527





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