December 2020



From the Chairman


Welcome to the December Christmas edition of our newsletter, what a year it has been like nothing we have ever seen before. Throughout it all our AUSJET/ADCVA members have been out if the field supporting the community, from assisting with bushfire clean up to maintaining critical infrastructure, mining, manufacturing, and decontamination works during the height of our countries COVID19 pandemic.

Our members have demonstrated how well our industry assesses the risk associated with the work we carry out, and implement controls to ensure the safety of our employees, customers and all stakeholders. Throughout, AUSJET/ADCVA have been supporting our members through advocacy at the highest level during the pandemic to communicate the importance of the work our members do throughout the country.

Having reflected slightly I would now like to look forward, and I look forward with optimism believing that 2021 will be a far better year for us here in Australia than 2020. Despite the recent outbreak in NSW as a nation we appear to have the virus under control and the country is opening up again which is encouraging.

The AUSJET/ADCVA board and our events partner Expertise Events continue to plan for AUSJET21 at the Melbourne Showgrounds on the 3rd and 4th of March. There has been great interest in this event and we believe it will be a great success.

We continue to move our other projects along including our proposed Hydro Excavation Study, with board members recently meeting with the University of Wollongong  who are interested in partnering in the study.

In the New Year we will be holding the first meetings of our Drain Cleaning Working Group, established to develop industry best practices for drain cleaning units in excess of 18000 bar litres per minute. Workshops will be held with all members and stakeholders once a draft document has been completed by the Working Group.

We will be looking to hold more events in 2021 both in person and via zoom, we have had great participation this year from our members supporting events and we look forward to growing that support in 2021.

On behalf of the AUSJET/ADCVA board, I would like to wish everyone and their families a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Stay safe.


Peter Jones




AUSJET21 Full Pressure Ahead


AUSJET/ADCVA and our event partner Expertise Events continue to plan what we believe will be a great event. A one of its kind event within Australia, encompassing a conference and exhibition which includes live demonstrations.


Being a specialty, targeted TRADE event it is focused solely on connecting key decision makers and buyers from the industry with suppliers of everything from equipment and consumables, to software and support!

Whether you're looking to:

  • Make sales on the spot and generate leads to continue sales after the event.
  • Gain fast saturation, in just two days to reach and connect with your target audience.
  • Launch new products and receive immediate feedback.
  • Engage in a 4D medium, nothing beats the impact of LIVE demonstrations, conversations and direct exchange.
  • Take advantage of a neutral sales environment with no pressure on either party where buyers can assess the total offering and feel more comfortable about making purchases; or
  • Generate a database for ongoing communication and sales opportunities

Exhibiting at AUSJET21 will deliver. Our team can discuss your requirements and find both a stand and a package that will work for your business.

All the outdoor exhibition areas and live demonstrations have been filled and all sponsorship opportunities have taken up. There is still some internal exhibition space still available, we expect those all to filled in the new year so if your company would like to exhibit get in quickly and contact Dawn Sullivan today to discuss your options.


Phone: 02 9452 7575

In the New Year we will be making several announcements in relation to the conference

  • Full conference program
  • Full exhibitor list
  • Keynote speaker
  • Delegate packages allowing access to all conference sessions

Look out for the upcoming announcements; we look forward to your support and catching up with you at AUSJET21.




AUSJET21 an event by the industry for the industry!



Drain Cleaning Best Practice Project Plan


AUSJET/ADCVA would like to thank all those who put themselves forward to participate in the Drain Cleaning Best Practice Work Group. It was the Boards decision to have only one representative per Member Company on the work group, with wider industry able to participate via member workshops.

The following is the project plan commencing in January 2021, with a completion date set for the end of the current financial year.


The objective of this group is to develop best practice guidelines for the use of drain cleaning and combination units.

The project will focus on larger trailer or truck mounted jetters and combination units, with the terms of reference applying to units that have a capacity of 18000 bar litres per minute and above.

Terms of Reference

The Working Group will develop best practice guidelines in relation to the following applications:

  • Definition of remote operations
  • Hold to activate devices
  • Open hose operations
  • Hose testing and certification
  • Hose repairs and testing
  • Fittings compatibility and ratings
  • Class B handgun set up and requirements
  • Use of manhole grate covers and anti-withdrawal devices
  • Crew sizes
  • Training


AS 4233 will be used to guide the work group, the guidelines developed by the work group must be in accordance with the standard.

If during the project the Working Group identifies further items that require best practice guidelines, additional items can be added to the terms of reference by majority vote.

Should the Working Group not be able to agree on any point/item, a vote will be taken where the decision will be determined by a majority rule. Should there not be an absolute majority of the point/item, the Chair will have the casting vote.


Working Group

Peter Jones – KOR (Chair)

Rod Purtill – Spoutvac

David Kingston - Veolia

Clay Bartlett - Cleanaway

Jim Paris – Direct Hit

Jeremy Farnant - JR Richards & Sons

Wally Budia - Into Training

Ian Blevin – WOMA

Oliver Bain – Abdex

Aaron Marmara – Pipe Management Australia


Project Plan

Step No


Person Responsible

Delivery Via

Date Due


Establish working group



Dec 2020


Working Group Meeting 1 Set up framework objectives

Working Group

State venues and Zoom



Working Group Meeting 2 Agree on basic principles

Working Group

State venues and Zoom



Working Group Meeting 3 Develop recommended guidelines

Working Group

State venues and Zoom



Working Group Meeting 4 Finalise Draft



Board review and comment





Working group to consider any feedback and make revisions after board consultation if required

Working Group

State venues and Zoom



Hold member workshops via zoom

Board and Working Group

State venues and Zoom



Working group consider any feedback and make revisions if required

Working Group

State venues and Zoom



Hold a zoom workshop for wider industry consultation

Board and Working Group   

State venues and Zoom



Working group to consider any feedback or ideas raised during wider industry consultation and make revisions if required and finalise draft

Working Group

State venues and Zoom



Final Board Review





Format guidelines and make available






Incident Reporting - We want to hear from you


One of the responsibilities of being a member of AUSJET/ADCVA is to report all incidents. It is important we communicate all incidents within our industry to prevent them from reoccurring and to improve industry safety both here in Australia and now globally through the GICC Global Industrial Cleaning Coalition.


All information is kept strictly confidential and can be reported through our website safety/report-an-incident-/, or directly to our administrator Gabe Wardle In all cases we request the contact details of the person reporting the incident, so we can work with them to develop an industry safety alert.


When developing the industry safety alerts any reference to the company that had the incident, or the location of the incident is removed. Prior to publishing the safety alert, we send a draft of the alert to the reporting person for their approval prior to distributing the alert to our members and on social media.


So, what should be reported?


In the past reporting has been generally around the higher consequence incidents, severe injuries, hospitalisations etc. To truly improve industry safety, we want to engage more, we would like to see all incidents involving High Pressure Water Jetting, Vacuum Loading, Drain Cleaning and Hydro Excavation reported including,


  • Accidents
  • Injuries
  • Near Misses
  • Environmental Incident


In some circumstances we understand that some incidents may be placed under legal privilege. In these instances if possible we would request that members simply advise AUSJET/ADCVA that an incident has occurred without specific detail, then at the completion of the investigation and the period of privilege, we can then work together to develop a safety alert.




The Global Industrial Cleaning Coalition (GICC) has been working on several initiatives heading into 2021. We plan to publish the Seven Basic Principles of Chemical Cleaning in November 2020 with the goal of expanding industrial cleaning safety principles to all cleaning mediums. “We are proud to expand our educational campaign beyond high pressure water jetting and industrial vacuuming,” said Hans Borgt of Dow Chemical Company who also represents the European Water Jetting institute (EWJI) on the GICC Steering Committee. “Creating the Seven Basic Principles of Chemical Cleaning allows the overall industry to take the next step in safer cleaning.”

Next, the GICC plans to develop recommendations on how to set up safety training, testing, and certification programs. This will help safety associations who do not have a structured program to easily put one in place, all based on following the Seven Basic Principles. The GICC also supports efforts being made to turn high pressure water jetting and industrial vacuuming into recognized trade crafts, which will require basic definitions as well as minimum training and certification requirements. Look for more information on these advancements on 2021.

There is no need for unnecessary injures or work-related deaths. Be part of a global shift in mindset that will help save lives. If you are interested in being a member of the GICC, sign up for free on our website:

You can follow the GICC on LinkedIn:


The GICC steering committee is due to meet again in November 2020.


Show your support by featuring our badge on your website. Please link to our website to help spread the word about this movement and your affiliation with it.



Safety Snippets


It’s that time of year again, Christmas, a time to spend with our families and to enjoy the holiday season. It’s important that we all get the chance to relax and spend this time with our friends and loved ones. During this time, it is important that whilst we are all at work waiting to get home that we remain vigilant, focused on our safety and the safety of others in our workplace.

Many of our members’ employees will still be working over the holiday period, whether it is on contracted works, reactive works or shutdowns. Statistics show that there is a spike in incidents both in the workplace and across the community general the over this period, so let’s Remain Focused, Stay Safe and Get Home.

One thing we don’t talk about often but is important is mental health. There are a lot of people in our industry that work away from their families, it is important to recognize the impact this may have on some people. During the Christmas period the feeling of stress, anxiety and loneliness may be increased, for people struggling with the isolation from family and friends when working away.

Take some time to speak to your employees or your work mates, we have the RUOK campaign annually we should live this every day and look after each other.

Here are some tips from the government health direct website, with tips for dealing with loneliness. The website also has some other great general information in dealing with Christmas anxiety or stress.

Managing loneliness


There are ways to overcome loneliness if you find yourself isolated or grieving a loved one over the Christmas period.

  • Connect with friends and family. Even if you’re separated by distance, you can stay in touch with loved ones online or by phone.
  • Volunteer. Why not lend a hand to a local shelter over Christmas? There are lots of charities who need help. You'll connect with people and feel good about making a positive contribution.
  • Attend community events. Find out what’s on locally and get involved. Whether it’s Christmas carols or local markets,  getting out and about can help relieve loneliness.
  • Make plans for Christmas Day. Develop a plan in advance to avoid feeling depressed or stressed on the day. Perhaps make yourself a special breakfast, buy yourself a gift in advance so that you can enjoy on the day  , attend a local church service, or take a stroll through the local park  to give yourself a treat.


If you are feeling down over Christmas, there is help through Beyond Blue and other organisations



Member Moments – Five minutes of your time


In this edition, AUSJET speaks with David Moyns from Velocity Vehicle Care; Velocity Vehicle Care has been an AUSJET member since August 2018.


  1. Hi David and welcome to the AUSJET Newsletter Member Moments. Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?


  1. Hi Lance and thanks for the opportunity. I have worked as a chemical and equipment supplier to industrial, mining, aviation and transport throughout Asia Pacific for over 30 years now. My interests include travelling, Ducati motorcycles and motorcycle road racing.


  1. Can you tell us about the services Velocity Vehicle Care provides and what industries do you work in?


  1. Our main area of focus these days is the transport industry. We provide cleaning products for professional carwash and fleet operators. Our brands include Armorall Professional, Blue Coral and Rain-X. We have a very close relationship with Hydraflex from Minnesota and use their products for many applications. They appear to be at the forefront of new innovations in many industries and their quality and support encouraged us to carry their range of Ripsaw nozzles for Hydro Excavation operators.


  1. What are some of the challenges of your industry at the moment and how are you overcoming them?


  1. A major challenge is the disruption to international freight. We have had strong demand for our services and managing shipping has been a real task with delays out of ports in the US. 12 months ago we started using a new inventory forecasting program and it has paid off by ensuring we are carrying the right stock for our customers, and have been able to fill their requirements. At the same time we increased our local production, which has helped considerably as well.


  1. Where do you believe some of the growth areas for the automotive cleaning industry are over the next five years are going to be?


  1. Covid has changed the way people think about travelling. Our Aviation business has dropped off, but more people are using their cars to commute and holiday now. As a result, vehicle washing has increased significantly. Less overseas holidays seems to have left people with more money to spend on new cars and caravans as well.


  1. Is Velocity Vehicle Care bringing new technology to market and can you speak a little more about it?


  1. Our partners, Hydraflex, are releasing new Hydro Excavation Nozzles for improved performance and reduced water usage. The “Machete” is a 0- degree jet with a 15 degree wedge for faster and more efficient trenching. The “Reaper” is a rotating jet nozzle for pipe cleaning and sewer jetting, it can blast up to 4000psi while rotating to form a 24 or 30 degree cone of coverage.


  1. Velocity Vehicle Care has been an AUSJET member since 2018, how have you found it and what are some of the benefits of being a member?


  1. With AUSJET, we have been able to make contact with a new range of customers outside our normal field. Without our membership, we would not have been able to grow our Hydro Excavation business in the way we have.




machete_jet.jpgMachete Jet


Visit Velocity Vehicle Care via their website: and




If you would like to share a Members Moments please contact





AUSJET/ADCVA welcomes new member

Hitech Industrial Services

Based in New South Wales


The year is 1991 and the Gulf War begins, our Prime Minister is Bob Hawke. Fred Hollows is named Australian of the year; Telecom increases local calls to 24 cents. Paul Keating makes his first challenge on Bob Hawke. The Industrial Commission approves Enterprise Bargaining. The Simpsons makes its debut on Channel 10 and in a small south western Sydney workshop Hitech Industrial Services raises the roller door and completes a job using its first ultra-high-pressure pump to do some minor concrete repair work.


A lot of early work for Hitech Industrial Services in 1991 was industrial cleaning and some of those clients are still loyal to the business today. It was a clearly a different world in 1991 and whilst hydro demolition was being used in Europe since the late 1970’s it was not a recognised technique in Australia until a decade later particularly with ultra-high pressures.

Fast forward to 2020 and Hitech Industrial Services has a large fleet of plant and equipment to facilitate the growing and diversified services we now offer which includes the use of high (ultra)-pressure water for hydro demolition, concrete remediation, concrete surface preparation and cold (steel) cutting. To complement these services we provide vacuum loading, non-destructive digging, water filtration, vacuum hopper systems and industrial cleaning.

We recognise each project we undertake is a single prototype so it is our goal to engineer solutions that can adapt to the needs of our clients. Automating the services, we offer has seen growth in our robotic fleet which can facilitate productivity and safety and provide Hitech Industrial Services operators a diverse career path.

The fact that there is an industry association (Ausjet) providing a collective voice for individual businesses is a testament to the growth and professionalism of the sector and whilst 2020 has provided challenges it has also paved the way for opportunities.




Check out this link to see: Hitech Industrial Services 2020 the year in review


For more information about Hitech Industrial Services, go to their website



AUSJET/ADCVA welcomes new member

PTC S.r.l.

Based in Italy






For more information about PTC S.r.l. go to their website




Meet a Board Member – Gabe Wardle




AUSJET/ADCVA Administrator Gabe Wardle at the AOG Expo/AUSJET General Meeting March 2020


I have been in Administration since 1985 when I was employed by Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC).

During my years with BMCC, I started in Health and Building as a Junior Clerk, later the name changed to Health and Development – where I was the Administration Officer of the Applications Unit. In this unit I processed applications such as – Building, Development and Subdivision Applications as well as Certificates of Compliance, Tree Preservation Orders, Fuel Heater and Septic Tank Applications.

From there I went to the Specialist Unit where I maintained and registered Licence files such as – Food Premises, Public Swimming Pools, Boarding Houses, Liquor Licences, Beauty and Hair Salons, etc.

After about 10 years, I decided to venture out and do something completely different, so I applied for a position in the Finance Section, where I did most things financial including, cashiering, debtors and creditors, Treasury, Payroll.

One year later I started in the IT section doing Data Entry, reporting, operating system commands and computer training.

Then for four years, I was employed as a Business and Information Centre Officer (fancy name for Customer Services Officer) in the Business and Information Centre (Front Counter). I had a wide knowledge of all things Local Government and this knowledge placed me in good stead to be front line contact for Blue Mountains City Council.

From 2000 to 2006 I was employed as an Administration Officer for the NSW Rural Fire Service.

                          gabe_rfs.jpg               elvis_and_gabe.jpg            gabe_rfs_admin.jpg

    Plotting a fire the old fashioned way                          Lucky enough to meet Elvis                                        Getting admin chores done


It was during this time I met my husband and I resigned from the RFS in 2006 to start our family.

I was out of the work force for three years until I became Secretary and Public Officer of the Pied Piper Preschool Management Committee where I remained until 2014. Being a volunteer and working for the Preschool helped to get known in the Department of Education circles.

I then started as a Support Officer (Teachers Aid) and Administration for two local Primary Schools. This was great variety, perfect for parenting two young daughters and having all school holidays off as well as working school hours.

In 2016, my husband was transferred to Wollongong, Illawarra District. Off to the coast we went after us both growing up and living in and around the Blue Mountians.

It took some time for me to find work, I contacted and visited a lot of schools in the area and applied for local government jobs. I picked up some casual Administration work at one High School, then a school support roll at another high school followed by Office Administration and also Office Administration at a Primary school. This of course was all casual work, but you’ve got to start ….again….somewhere.

Within the first two years of living in the Illawarra, my husband had put word around that I was looking for work. This helped with one of the High Schools. But then, one of the Volunteers my husband is associated with asked if I’d be interested in doing a secretarial role for an Association. His wife was currently doing the role and they were looking at retiring and cruising on the seven seas and wanted someone to take over.

I met with them a few times and checked the Association out, did a bit of research on this Australasian High Pressure Water Jetting Association (boy, what a mouthful).

So, I applied for this job, sat an interview (via Skype, because everyone was in a different State) and the rest as they say, is history.

Thank you to Will and Heather Lee for thinking of and putting your faith in me.

Thank you to the AUSJET Board of Management for hearing me out and giving me a go.

I have qualifications and Certificates in:

  • Secretarial miscellaneous subjects and Keyboarding
  • Business Administration Cert III & Cert IV
  • Microsoft – Word, Access and Excel
  • Customer Service
  • Aussie Host
  • Armed Hold Up
  • Senior First Aid
  • Effective Business Writing
  • Government Accounting
  • ICS for IMTs
  • Bush Fire Fighter
  • Emergency Management
  • E-learning – Anaphylaxis and e-Emergency Care
  • Income Tax Preparation


In my spare time, I gained certificates in: Skydiving, Abseiling, City to Surf:- 1997, 1998 & 1999, Numerous Fun Runs, Mission Australia – Heartstopper abseil 36 floors of The Regent Sydney, Bungey Jump, Red Shield Appeal.

These days, I’m just lucky enough to spend good quality time with my family, at our holiday van, kayaking and fishing.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this - That is five minutes of your life you will never get back frown……. but while I have your attention, I would like to wish you every happiness for Christmas and the New Year!

Please, BE SAFE!

I don’t know about you, but I’m off to the beach smiley







AUSJET / ADCVA Meeting for 2021




General Meeting - February 2021.



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Recommended Practices for the Use of Industrial Vacuum Equipment Booklet: First Edition 2020


The Australian first edition of the Recommended Practices for the use of Industrial Vacuum Equipment

Prepared by the Australasian High Pressure Water Jetting Association (AUSJET*)


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The new postal address for all correspondence to AUSJET / ADCVA is: PO Box 182 Albion Park NSW 2527






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