June 2020

From the Chairman


Welcome to the June 2020 addition the AUSJET / ADCVA Newsletter. Once again thank you for all those that have contributed to the newsletter, I encourage all members to get involved. Do you have a project / case study you would like to share? Our next newsletter is due in August please send any stories through to


It has been a difficult time across the world with some many deaths, we are very fortunate to live in such a great country that has had a bipartisan response to the pandemic. As a nation we have been able to limit the damage from both a health and economic perspective.

Australian businesses have also proved to be resourceful, resilient, and innovative. In a short period of time we witnessed the implementation of changes in the workplace to ensure we continued to be productive.


Working from home, changes to fifo rosters, staggered starting times, social distancing, better hygiene, and most importantly Employees, Business, Political Parties and Unions all working together. Positives have come out of a crisis, as a nation it would be in our best interest to continue that co-operation on the long road out.


Here at AUSJET/ADCVA we have held our first ever online events, feedback on both our COVID forum and the Vac Loading Workbook and AUSJET21 Launch have been very positive. Both events were well attended by both members and non-members, due to this success we will be holding more of these type of events in the future.


Over the last two months AUSJET/ADCVA have also been working through the revisions of the skills sets and units of competency for our industry training courses with IBSA. We have also lobbied to have a new skill set and unit of competency for Hydro Excavation developed and added to the latest review. As a result of this initiative the inclusion of a Hydro Excavation course was included for public comment during the current review. This will expedite the development of a dedicated Hydro Excavation course.


AUSJET21 is gaining great momentum and we are working hard with our events partner to make it a great event, our events partner has provided an update in this newsletter. We will soon be calling for Keynote speakers and papers for the event. It was sad to see that the WJTA has had to cancel their conference this year, we are confident this quality event will bounce back strongly in 2021.


AUSJET/ADCVA next official meeting is our AGM in August; currently the plan is to hold that meeting in Melbourne. We will be monitoring the situation in all states prior to confirming that meeting, the AUSJET/ADCVA board will be meeting in July to review and confirm the venue for the August AGM. Regardless of where the AGM is held, we will also be inviting people to attend through the Zoom platform, given our recent success with event and its popularity with members.


Finally, I would like to extend a warm welcome to our new members:


  • Metrocorp Technologies
  • Australian Pipeline Management Pty Ltd
  • SA Water


I hope you enjoy the rest of the Newsletter and look forward to seeing our members at the AGM in August.


Stay safe and all the best to your families.



Peter Jones

A First for the Industry, AUSJET21 is off to a Cracking Start!


AUSJET21 is a dedicated, independent event, initiated by the Australasian High Pressure Water Jetting Association (AUSJET) and the Australasian Drain Cleaning and Vacuum Association (ADCVA), as a first of its kind for the industry within the Australian marketplace. Taking place over a two-day period on March 3 - 4, 2021, at the Melbourne Showgrounds, AUSJET21 is positioned to deliver a first class, holistic experience to the Australian Water Jetting, Drain Cleaning, Vacuum Loading and Hydro Excavation Industries.


There are four key components AUSJET21 brings to the market:

  • An International Standard Conference presented by industry leaders to educate, inform, and improve the industry - a first for Australia.
  • A dedicated Exhibition Showcase highlighting the best products and suppliers in the industry.
  • Live Demonstration Arenas where the newest equipment and industry leading products can be seen in action – LIVE.
  • Networking on the Event Floor with a social ‘Happy Hour’ function where attendees can meet, mingle, network, and connect with peers.

The inaugural event has received strong, early support from industry and sector leaders, as well as businesses, service providers and educators, with bookings of all levels being committed to after launching the event just over one month ago.


Having just announced ‘Hammelmann Australia’ as a platinum foundation partner and they have also agreed to sponsor the Networking Drinks session to connect the industry and KOR have been confirmed as a Gold Sponsor for the event, AUSJET also welcomes on board the following businesses in varying capacities to name just some of the early commitments:

  • ABDEX Industries;
  • Den- Jet Australia;
  • Spoutvac Industries;
  • WOMA All-Ways Training Services;
  • WOMA Australia;
  • And many more within the Water Jetting, Drain Cleaning, Vacuum Loading and Hydro Excavation Industries.


Event Organisers, Expertise Events, said; “We have been overwhelmed and taken aback by the positivity and commitment from various companies within this ever-expanding industry – it’s clear there is an immense demand to have a dedicated show that focuses on supporting, educating and improving these industries within the Australian marketplace and the support from Hammelmann to support the networking sessions on top of their Platinum sponsorship underlines companies wanting to get the whole industry together especially after the recent challenging times. Too often these sectors are included as mere additions to larger events, and we are thrilled to be able to deliver the industry its own, devoted live event experience - by the industry for the industry”.


With all signs pointing towards a successful inaugural event, AUSJET21 is the place to be for any individuals or companies looking to buy new equipment, upgrade existing products, educate themselves on industry best practice standards or reconnect with the industry and peers. It is the leading opportunity for the industry to meet, network and connect.


If you are an individual, business or supplier interested in finding out more about AUSJET21, and would like to explore how you can be involved – please reach out to us through email at or call (02) 9452 7575.


AUSJET21 an event by the industry for the industry!


ausjet21.png          expertise_events.jpg


Key changes to NSW work health and safety laws commenced 10 June 2020


In a Bill passed by the NSW Parliament earlier this month, a number of reforms were enacted that will make the lives of workers and business owners healthier, safer and more productive.

These reforms will also assist in improving compliance and enforcement measures for the NSW WHS Regulators.

These reforms include:


  • adding "gross negligence" as a fault element for category 1 offences to make it easier to prosecute and create a stronger incentive for duty holders to manage WHS risks
  • prohibiting insurance and indemnity arrangements for paying WHS fines
  • increasing penalty amounts for all WHS offences in line with the Consumer Price Index so that they retain their deterrent value
  • extending the timeframe in which a WHS Regulator can bring a prosecution for a category 1 or 2 offence and requiring the WHS regulator provide regular updates to the requester until a decision to prosecute is made
  • clarifying that a Health and Safety Representative (HSR) can choose their course of training


For further information please visit the SafeWork NSW website:

or phone 13 10 50.

Incident Reporting - We want to hear from you


One of the responsibilities of being a member of AUSJET/ADCVA is to report all incidents. It is important we communicate all incidents within our industry to prevent them from reoccurring and to improve industry safety both here in Australia and now globally through the GICC Global Industrial Cleaning Coalition.

All information is kept strictly confidential and can be reported through our website safety/report-an-incident-members-only/, or directly to our administrator Gabe Wardle In all cases we request the contact details of the person reporting the incident, so we can work with them to develop an industry safety alert.

When developing the industry safety alerts any reference to the company that had the incident, or the location of the incident is removed. Prior to publishing the safety alert, we send a draft of the alert to the reporting person for their approval prior to distributing the alert to our members and on social media.


So, what should be reported?


In the past reporting has been generally around the higher consequence incidents, severe injuries, hospitalisations etc. To truly improve industry safety, we want to engage more, we would like to see all incidents involving High Pressure Water Jetting, Vacuum Loading, Drain Cleaning and Hydro Excavation reported including,


  • Accidents
  • Injuries
  • Near Misses
  • Environmental Incident


In some circumstances we understand that some incidents may be placed under legal privilege. In these instances if possible we would request that members simply advise AUSJET/ADCVA that an incident has occurred without specific detail, then at the completion of the investigation and the period of privilege, we can then work together to develop a safety alert.


Safety Snippets

High Pressure Water Jetting planning and pre-operational procedures


Assessing and planning each job is important. This ensures high pressure water jetting is carried out in a way that is without risks to health and safety.

Planning usually starts with initial customer liaison and a job or site inspection. People planning the work and people familiar with the work environment and the item or material to be jetted, should meet with the workers who will be carrying out the work to identify and discuss:


  • potential hazards of the work area
  • control measures to be implemented
  • potential environmental problems
  • safety standards, and
  • emergency procedures.


Based on this information, the job can then be planned.


As a minimum the planning process should include:

  • the number of workers and any special skills, qualifications or training required - over and above the safe use of high pressure water jetting e.g. an elevated work platform licence
  • isolation procedures including locking and tagging
  • equipment required including PPE
  • barricading and signage requirements
  • notifying other workers nearby
  • providing safe work instructions for workers
  • fatigue management and rotation of water jetting crew members
  • Ensuring that when manual gun operations take place the reaction force is equal to or below the maximum reaction force of 250 N or 25.5 kg, and
  • the crew completing a pre-start hazard assessment before starting jetting operations.


Pre-start checks and hazard assessment


Pre-start checks should be done before every operation. These can be in the form of checklists which should be completed in consultation with all operators involved in the job. A basic checklist should cover:

  • the type of job
  • high pressure pump checks including mechanical and safety devices
  • isolation procedures including locking and tagging
  • hose checks including where required the currency of hose tags or certificates
  • barricades and signs
  • workers required
  • special equipment used, and
  • special work permits.


A pre-start hazard identification and assessment should also be carried out on each job. Safe work instructions manage the repetitive elements of a task but they are not effective when there are changes in the work environment.


Equipment placement


The correct placement or positioning of high pressure water jetting plant and equipment in the workplace is important for health and safety and efficient operations. The pump unit should be placed as close as possible to the work site to reduce the amount of hose used and to reduce the area covered by the operation.


Check that plant and equipment placement does not become a hazard and critical access ways are left unobstructed. Hoses should be arranged to effectively minimise potential tripping hazards. The pump unit should not be placed where it can be contaminated by debris from the jetting operation or where the exhaust emissions can have an effect on others.


Help your business get back to work by developing a COVID-19 Safety Plan


All businesses and organisations in NSW need to protect staff, workers, customers and visitors from COVID-19. This applies whether your business has stayed open, or is reopening as restrictions are eased.

Having a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place can help you keep track of what you need to do in your business or organisation.


COVID-19 Safety Plan templates have been developed for many specific industries:


If your business does not fit within one of these specific industries, we still recommend you have a plan. You can download a general plan from:


This plan contains actions applicable to most workplaces, and will be a useful guide to getting back to business and keeping your staff, workers and customers safe.


Member Moments – Five minutes of your time


In this edition, AUSJET speaks with Rod Tredgold, Managing Director of Ultra High Waterblasters (Aust) Pty Ltd. Ultra High Waterblasters have been an AUSJET member since 2015.


  1. Hi Rod and welcome to the Ausjet Newsletter Member Moments, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

  1. Thank you Lance, I started back in the retail Service Industry in my youth, within an operations training role with great success. In 1988 started with Viking Australia (Gerni) as a commission only Sales Technician, selling pressure cleaners throughout S.E. Qld. Am proud to say, their top sales representative for most of that time. In 1993 was given the opportunity to fill the role of State Sales manager until my resignation in 1997, where I ventured out on my own to start Aus Waterblasters. 2000 was the turning point for us when we moved into supplying & servicing UHP machines to industry, winning a tender to supply our first unit to RAAF base Amberley. Since then, our business has grown from strength to strength.


  1. The business name gives away what you do but can you tell me bit more about the services Ultra High Waterblasters offer and the industries you work in?

  1. We supply Ultra High Waterblasters to the Marine, Mining, Construction and Contracting Industries, offer a full backup of spare parts, supply a good array of accessories for different applications, and provide operator training on-site and a wide range of PPE. Our equipment is a value for money product with excellent backup & support. We absolutely love our industry, enjoy working and consulting with our customers. Ultra High Waterblasters are paramount with regards to Operator Safety of all personnel and the safe use of ours and their equipment.


  1. Does Ultra High Waterblasters have any new contracts or partnerships you would like to announce?

  1. We are excited to say we do have some partnerships at final negotiations but would rather wait till the next newsletter.


  1. Does Ultra High Waterblasters have any new technology / innovation coming to the market?

  1. We are finding there is a big shift within industry to move away from conventional techniques in a few applications, where using Ultra High Waterblasting equipment is quicker safer and more efficient. We are currently working with a design/manufacturing company to solve a cleaning problem for their mobile road system. We`ve also been approached by another to solve an asbestos removal issue (more news on this later).


  1. What do you believe have been some of the growth areas of the HPWJ industry over the past five years and what does the next five years look like?
  1. One of the main growth areas is the Safety & Training of Operators (especially in Qld). With more UHP units being used in more industry applications, there has been a massive increase in enquires for MSMSS00003, 04, 05, 06 & refresher courses, this shows a shift to move away from antiquated systems and an increase in water jetting equipment usage. We are very excited about the next five years within our industry and feel with many clients coming to us to solve their industry related problems, the applications are endless. As long as we all work together to promote the safe use of our equipment, we can only get stronger.


  1. Ultra High Waterblasters have been an AUSJET member since 2015, how have you found it and what are some of the benefits of being a member?

  1. Being a member has been very positive for us, the information we receive from AUSJET is valuable to us and our clients. It shows our customer that we are part of a national group of like-minded businesses all focused on the same outcome, the promotion safety and benefits of our product within our respective fields. We are very pleased with the increase in contact and information from AUSJET and look forward to working on future products together.


Thanks for your time Rod, we look forward to hearing about your news in the future and best wishes to you and the team at Ultra High Waterblasters



Rod Tredgold, Managing Director of Ultra High Waterblasters (Aust) Pty Ltd

hosting a training group



If you would like to share a Members Moments please contact



Less is more with stand-alone boilers


pump_australia_1.jpg   pump_australia_2.jpg


Many businesses need pressure washers to keep equipment and work-spaces clean, which can cost big dollars. Conscious of budget restraints in the age of COVID-19, an Australian company has developed a clever and affordable way of tailoring pressure washers to individual needs.


Pumps Australia’s innovative Mix and Match stand-alone boiler (SAB) range allows customers to purchase separate hot and cold units that can also work together. The high-quality units can be used with existing cold pressure washers, so instead of having to buy a new hot water unit, customers can simply add a stand-alone boiler.


“You can buy a complete petrol or diesel kit, or ‘mix and match’ with our units or your own,” explains Pumps Australia Managing Director John Warne. “The possibilities are endless”.

“Even if you buy the hot and cold units from Pumps Australia, it will cost slightly less than other all-in-one systems. Our units are also easier to clean and maintain than larger versions.”


Australian designed and assembled


Mix and Match models are designed, assembled, and tested at Pumps Australia’s Welshpool Service Centre in Perth, using the best brands and components. This guarantees unmatched quality. The SAB Series can be adapted to suit any pressure washer on the market and can handle flows from 10 to 30LPM and pressures up to and including 7,000psi.


This modular range is perfect for hire, mine sites, shires, councils, and heavy cleaning machinery users. Units are easy to hook up and set up for workshop wash pads, wash bays, ute trailer units or the rear of contractor trucks.


“These boilers can be powered by your standard single phase (240volt) outlet, or our new 12-volt Dc technology,” John says. “This means you can run them off a truck battery or any high-charge single cylinder engine, eliminating the cost of an expensive Genset.”


Local innovation increases options


Traditional hot-and-cold boiler systems are complete petrol, diesel, or electric motor-driven units. Pumps Australia worked out how to split them, making it easier to buy what you need at once or in stages to preserve cash flow. They can be interchanged with existing units or built to specifications.


John, who has supplied high-quality and reliable products to the local and international market for more than 20 years, says this also allows customers to improve existing equipment.

“Our goal is to improve our products and make life easier – and lower cost – for our customers,” he says. “They can add a SAB to an existing cold-water pressure cleaner mixing petrol pressure cleaner and or diesel pressure cleaners – or buy the complete kit.

“Servicing them is also a breeze as we can maintain and fix them quickly and easily.”


Some like it hot


Hot water makes for much better and more sterile cleaning, whether that be oily equipment or a workshop floor, and is great for combatting COVID-19.


This makes SAB Mix and Match units great for hire, mine sites, shires, councils, and heavy users of cleaning material. They produce hot water fast, using a diesel fired boiler and our new Combo Smart Flow switch and thermostat control system.

For example, they can be powered by a Honda petrol engine or Yanmar/Kohler Hatz diesel, say 15 or 30 lpm at 4000 or 7000Psi, to supply high pressure cold water into the SAB so that steaming hot water flows out for cleaning, fully controlled by a thermostat at the right temperature for the job in hand.

“The next generation will also have a multi-brass flow switch with thermostat control we designed from scratch,” John says.


How they did it


To create the versatile SAB series, Pumps Australia modified its Volcano and Xtreme series of hot water pressure cleaners. Each unit is connected by two quick connect Anderson plugs.


This means no more cumbersome large framed units that take up most of a ute’s tray. The modular design means users can simply mount to suit any ute layout.

All models have stainless steel panels and Never Flat Tyres, making them extremely mobile.

They are easy to maintain and have a design life of more than 10 years.


“They are very portable,” John says. “Their heavy-duty structure and stainless-steel panels protect them from the environment and Australia’s burning sun.”


For more information on Pumps Australia’s stand-alone boilers (SAB) or Xtreme/Volcano hot and cold pressure washers,

please call the friendly staff at Pumps Australia on 1800 790 915.


KOR expands national footprint and product range


At KOR we have grown our national footprint through FY19/20 and enhanced our capability to support our clients across our branch network.

Product enhancements using new technologies have also become a welcomed part of the KOR offering. Some of these new technologies include the Vanguard pathogen defence system for enhanced operator safety when working on sewer, a new POLYFLOW COBRA sewer hose designed for increased durability compared to conventional sewer hose and KOR Train which serves customers as a virtual training tool accessible through a mobile app.


Innovation has been a framing theme for KOR and we continue to push the boundaries with product enhancements and new models to add to our extensive range of vacuum trucks. Further to this, we are expanding our capacity as a true all-in-one equipment support business for vacuum truck operators in Australia by offering more flexible options for leasing, trade-in units and lease-to-buy plans.


Spare parts and consumable items will always be an item of consideration for those running vacuum trucks and other sewer cleaning products. Maintaining, servicing and supporting your products is at the forefront of KOR’s philosophy. As a result, we currently hold and continue to grow our range of 30,000 individual spare parts located across the nation. With branches in South East Queensland, Perth, Sydney and head office in Melbourne, our spare parts footprint gives customers the peace of mind that their units can be serviced promptly and reliably.


KOR will work with you to tailor your fleet optimization plan and develop a framework to improve your earning potential. Make contact with KOR today, so we can start the process of assisting you in realizing your business’ potential.





Hydro-Demolition Exhibition at Silver Raven


Established in 1998, Silver Raven is an integrated industrial services company with extensive experience in providing hydro-demolition, cold cutting, industrial cleaning and other civil services to both the public and private sectors.

Silver Raven is well known for innovation and develops and fabricates their own systems and jigs to suit specific projects. Silver Raven also invests in the latest developments in technology and machinery and provides either manual or automated demolition services, depending on the application and access requirements.

Silver Raven is a firm believer in educating the marketplace on the latest technologies and methodologies to give clients an understanding of what is achievable with Ultra High Pressure (UHP) techniques.


Despite the complex times we are living in, the Silver Raven team decided to host a demonstration day at our Marrickville facility for a group of clients.

Led by the founder and CEO Michael Flannagan and Hydro Manager, Jake Kennedy, the objective was to showcase the different Hydro Demolition techniques including manual, machine mounted and robotic systems.

It was also a great opportunity to showcase the Silver Raven team's skill set.


Machine Mounted Hydro Scabbling


The demonstration began with a Scabbling Demonstration using the highly versatile X-Y Machine from Swedish company, Aquajet Systems.


This lightweight machine is designed for hydro-demolition operations in confined areas and wherever a robot or other types of equipment won’t fit.

A variety of depths were achieved by utilising different nozzles including the rotarhead and pinjet nozzles. The demonstration included precision control of the high-pressure water jets at 2,500bar for 20mm Scabble.


The purpose of the demonstration was to show how the steel reinforcement is both preserved and surface prepped for protective coating prior to re-pour of fresh concrete.



Doug Catt setting the machine mounted hydro scabbling


Robotic Hydro-demolition of Concrete


Always a ‘crowd pleaser’ we set our Aqua Cutter 410V on course to jet a hole clear through 900 x 900 x 450mm block of concrete. Pumping at 480UHP/1300RPM at 75% the robot took just 12 minutes to blast clear through the concrete.

Both robotics machines are remote controlled, and attendees were impressed with the safety benefits as well as the ability to work in restricted spaces.



The Silver Raven Aquajet in action



Inspecting the Aquajet’s work on 900 x 900 x 450mm concrete block


Hand Lance Demonstration


Utilising the latest technology in high pressure water jets, manual hydro demolition lancing is the perfect alternative when robotic hydro demolition is not possible.

Many of our guests had never seen a hand-held lance demonstration. Team member Jason Laurenson was the lucky one chosen to demonstrate the Hydro Demolition at 2600bar.


The Silver Raven hydroblasting operators and supervisors are Confined Space Trained, Demolition Licensed and have completed the ISI training course.



Hard at it with a hand lance


Cold Cutting


Last but not least we moved indoors to watch a water jet cut through a 16mm high strength steel tank. Michael Flannagan highlighted the magnetic jig which was fabricated at our Marrickville factory.


The day’s demonstration was powered by Silver Raven’s Fleet includes both Ultra High Pressure and Volume type pumps which range from 120 kW HDP to 480kW UHP.

All attendees responded very positively to having any questions answered and seeing the machines and Silver Raven team in action.



Cold cutting a 16mm high strength steel tank     


Michael Flannagan explaining the Silver Raven jig set up for cold cutting



WARTHOG Nozzles by StoneAge



Drain Cleaner Nozzles or Drain cleaning tools from Warthog offer superior drain cleaning. As a distributor of Warthog products, AUSJET/ADCVA member Spoutvac can help you size the right sewer nozzle for your drain cleaning machine or hydro jetting equipment. Spoutvac offer the full range of Warthog nozzles and with one of the largest stocks of high pressure water nozzles you know you can trust Spoutvac to keep your water jet machine going.



Meet a Board Member – Mark Rigoli


Mark has been working as an HSE professional for more than 20 years, focusing on HSE management, risk assessments and compliance for major companies in the marine, construction, oil and gas industries.


Mark has an In-depth knowledge of on-site workplace safety processes, incident investigation and injury prevention strategies. For the past 3 years Mark has been servicing the Industrial Services Industry whilst employed by Contract Resources.


During this time Mark has been directly involved with overseeing and implementing safety strategies for technical HPW scopes across Western Australia and the Northern Territory, this includes critical shutdowns and maintenance scopes for most Tier 1 companies both onshore and offshore.


Before this, Mark was part owner of Independent Oil Tools where the main scope of work included project management of Downhole equipment and the remediation of Drill Pipe and Casing using High Pressure Water Blasting and Lancing techniques.


In his spare time, he is actively involved in Junior football (AFL) where he has been a Level 2 Youth Coach for several years, enjoys mountain biking and getting out on his jet ski as much as possible.



AUSJET/ADCVA Board Member Mark Rigoli




IBSA Review of the MSMWJ Units of Competencies


So far there have been two meetings held by IBSA with various members of AUSJET and other organisations forming the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).

Following the second meeting the four UoCs went out for public comment from Friday 29th May until Friday 26th June.

Following this public comment phase, a further TAC meeting will be held to discuss the items raised and produce the next drafts of the MSMWJ UoCs.




Standards Update


The final ballot has been completed, meaning that the revisions to the HPWJ standards have been voted upon. The revised standard will be ready for publication in the near future.


Aussie’s New Scud 400 GT


Australian Pump Industries was the first company to build a 4,000 psi engine drive pressure cleaner in Australia. They introduced a new concept in pressure cleaners and changed the way people think about the effective use of pressure.


Aussie Pumps proved 4,000 psi can be more effective than 3,000 psi in most applications, and saves water at the same time. A specially configured “Big Berty” Bertolini pump was made for this project with 13 litres per minute flow. It’s a big pump for direct drive, certainly bigger than the “cheapies” you see around tool shops.

The pump is heavy duty triplex design, not axial, with solid ceramic pistons and a whole range of other typical Bertolini over engineered and designed in features.

The trick was to come up with a machine that would use 4,000 psi and still only required the torque and horsepower of a 13hp Honda engine. The first machines, launched seven years ago as Aussie Scud AB40’s, did the trick and were an instant success. Those machines had galvanised steel roll frames and four 10 inch wheels.


The revamped version, with an upgraded pump, powered by a Honda 13hp recoil start engine, was released earlier this year as the “AB40 GT”. It features 13 inch steel wheels and flat free tyres, and a totally redesigned, sculpted, stainless steel frame that has no “sharps”.


The axles are spaced close, making moving the machine around sites a piece of cake. Best of all, the unit is super compact, fitting into a 900 by 800 by 900 envelope.


A bolt-on “push handle” that also doubles as a hose rack is part of the design. The company is particularly proud of the fact that the machine is super OH & S compatible.


“We really worked overtime to make this the safest machine and even included a safety kit with safety valve to protect the machine and the operator in the event of pressure spikes. Thermal dump valve protects the unit against excessive by-pass operation.

The machine is already a big success and the company has now sold out of the first three production runs completely. A stainless steel hose reel will shortly be available that will carry up to 30 metres of hose to give extra versatility to this unique Aussie innovation.

Further information is available from Australian Pump Industries 02) 8865 3500 or



Aussie’s new Scud 400 GT 4,000 psi pressure cleaner rolls off the production line


The light at the end of the tunnel


When James Pickup was working in the sewer system, he drew the short straw to go down a manhole no one else wanted to go down. It was dirty, covered in filth, dark and damp. Reluctantly, he took one for the team, but through the muck and mud a glint caught his eye.

“I saw it in the corner of my eye, reached down, threw some water on top and it was a beautiful engagement ring, so beautiful in fact, it was worth $10,000 – it was a great bonus for a day’s work.”


James Pickup is the director of Australian Pipeline Management, his company offers several services including pipeline rehabilitation, pipe and cable locating and CCTV inspection and reporting, and the $10,000 ring is only one of many he has found over the years.

“I certainly didn’t use any of those rings to propose to my wife, but it certainly has been an added bonus for the work that we do,” he said.


James has worked in the industry for over 13 years and has been working his own business for the past three in both the private and public sector.

Based in NSW, Australian Pipeline Management has been engaged on some major infrastructure projects including the Westconnex stage 1 and 3 and the new M4/M5 link, as well as the Sydney Light Rail and Sydney Water Maintenance project however, getting his hands dirty is nothing new and has run in the family for decades.

“My Grandfather was an inspector for the Water Board back in the day and he used to crawl on his hands and knees through kilometres of sewer mains most days,” James said.


“However, times have changed and rather than crawling through the muck, mud and whatever else is down there, I decided to specialise in putting robots though the sewer pipelines instead.”


From CCTV inspection, reporting and jetting to combination vacuum jetting and NDD, GPR pipe and cable locating, rehabilitation and robotic grinding and of course, confined space equipment and crews, James has a working crew of four men and is happy with where the business is currently at.

“We’ve only been going a few years and I have a small team but that is what I prefer,” he said.


“I’ve worked for companies where I’ve only ever really been a number but due to some of the dangerous work we do, I prefer we work together and understand each other where we work as a team – they’re practically my extended family.”


To find out more about Australian Pipeline Management or even just to welcome James and his team as a new AUSJET/ADCVA member, phone 0481 215 387 or email:


Australian Pipeline Management Director, James Pickup


Tax time essentials 2020


As 14 million Australians begin pulling together their records for tax time, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is advising people to wait until the end of July before lodging returns, in order to minimise errors.

This year the ATO will again be eyeing unsubstantiated or higher-than-expected, work-related expense tax deductions.

In the 2017-18 financial year, there were almost 9 million taxpayers claiming a total of $21.7 billion in work-related expenses.

This includes claims relating to cars, travel, clothing, mobile phone and internet use and self-education expenses.

This year, the ATO expects that figure could rise as more people work from home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The ATO has also warned that members who took money out of their superannuation accounts without meeting the eligibility requirements could face fines and prosecution.

The Morrison Government's COVID-19 early super access scheme allows eligible members to withdraw $10,000 this financial year and another $10,000 in the 2021 financial year.

Already, about $15 billion has been paid out to almost 2 million Australians.

Key points:

  • The ATO says people need to take care they have all information needed before lodging returns or they may make a mistake
  • The ideal time to lodge is after the end of July, when most employers and companies have provided the information needed
  • The ATO has a list of items it will closely monitor this year, with unsubstantiated work-related expenses and rental deductions under watch


The ATO would also be watching for over-claiming, particularly if claims in one area go up but are not logically offset in another.

For example, if you lodge a big work-from-home claim and the laundry claim looks the same, the question the ATO will ask is, 'if you're working from home are you really wearing your uniform?'


We know that 2020 has been difficult. Your tax return doesn’t need to be.


If you lodge your own tax return using myTax, you need to do so by 31 October.

If you use a registered tax agent to prepare and lodge your tax return, you may be able to lodge later than 31 October.

If you are running a small business or you are a sole trader, the ATO have a range of information which can assist you during tax time.

Just remember, there is information to help you at every stage.

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AUSJET / ADCVA receive a reply from The Hon Ben Morton MP - Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister and Cabinet



AUSJET / ADCVA Meeting for 2020


Annual General Meeting - August 2020.


  • Thursday 13 August 2020 – Melbourne.

Our next meeting will be our Annual General Meeting to be held in Melbourne during August, at KOR Equipment Solution. The address and time for the meeting will be distributed closer to the date, as the meeting may be subject to COVID-19 restrictions.


We are hopeful however, that by then we will be able to meet in larger groups, observing social distancing requirements that may still be in effect. We will also be looking into the use of technology to have people attend through a web-based program if travel is still restricted.


General Meeting - November 2020.


  • Thursday 5 November 2020 - Adelaide - Time and venue to be advised.


Annual Membership Renewals for 2020/2021


It's nearly time to renew your AUSJET/ADCVA membership, so keep an eye out for your membership renewal notice invoice.



Newsletter & Website Advertising


The AUSJET / ADCVA Newsletter is distributed across the membership via email and through the newsletter link on this webpage throughout Australasia and the United States. Advertising in the Newsletter consists of either an image advert and/or an article advert which allows your business to get noticed by those with influence in the Water Jetting, Drain Cleaning, Vacuum Loading and Hydro Excavation industries.


Newsletter - Advertise your business and services in the next Newsletter



Member (+GST)

Non-Member (+GST)





Web Banner - We encourage members to advertise on the AUSJET / ADCVA website (Web Banner) which is displayed at the bottom of this screen and across every page. The AUSJET / ADCVA website is accessed by members, industry, government and the community.



Member (+GST)

Non-Member (+GST)

Web Banner

$380.50 Financial Yearly

(Members Only)


If you would like to advertise, please email




All items for purchase may be found by following this link:


AUSJET / ADCVA Change of address


The new postal address for AUSJET / ADCVA is: PO Box 182 Albion Park NSW 2527



Past Newsletters

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October 2019


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