August 2021




From the Chairman


Welcome to another addition of the AUSJET/ADCVA newsletter.


I am pleased to advise that the revision of the UOC’s for high pressure water jetting, drain cleaning, vacuum loading, and the new hydro excavation UOC’s, were approved by the AISC (Australian Industry & Skills Committee) at their meeting on the 22nd of June. It has now gone to each state minister to sign off, once that is completed the changes will be uploaded to the website. The latest advice from IBSA is that they expect that process to be completed soon; I would like to thank all those involved in the project, especially Will Lee Emeritus Member and Mark Shaddock form IBSA.


With the current rate of the vaccination program, we are confident that AUSJET22 will proceed in March 2022, and will be a great event. In June we advised we had secured Australia’s most iconic Olympian Steven Bradbury as our Keynote speaker. Steven's story isn’t about winning the Gold (even though it was Australia’s first ever Gold Medal at the winter Olympics) it’s the journey and sacrifices he made to get there. He takes you on a journey that makes you realise what is required for true success and you can't help but feel so proud at the end of it. In September we will be calling for papers, and will release a full program and delegate packages in October. If you would like any further information on AUSJET22, please contact Expertise Events through the events website .


The final draft of our Recommended Practices for the Use of Industrial Drain Cleaning Equipment workbook has been completed. There were 90 recommended changes received across our four industry workshops held across the nation in June, of those 72 were accepted. We will be planning to hold the final industry consultation towards the end of September, via a zoom event. This is a little behind our project plan completion, with publication of the workbook revised to the end of October, following the final industry consultation.


Recently we have received some feedback around the need to complete another revision of AS 4233, to take in to account some changes in technology, and to remove some ambiguity. We have contacted SAI Global who have indicated support for the project if it meets their criteria. In the coming months we will complete and submit a project proposal with a goal to review the standard in 2023.


Finally we are holding our General Meeting and AGM on Tuesday the 31st of August, due to COVID we have had to cancel our Melbourne venue at KOR and move the meeting to KOR Perth. Those who cannot attend will be able to attend the meeting via zoom, please see the following information to attend the meeting.


Meeting times 12pm WST and via ZOOM 2pm AEST on the 31st of August.

KOR Perth: 23A Blackly Row, Cockburn Central

To attend the zoom meeting, please register on the following link:


Stay Safe


Peter Jones






AUSJET22 'Connections'


To keep you up-to-date with AUSJET22, our dedicated water jet, drain and vacuuming technology exhibition and conference to be held at the Melbourne Showgrounds in March 22, our partners at Expertise Events can keep you informed about what to expect, who will be exhibiting, including guest speakers, sponsors, and who's getting 'wet behind the ears' via a monthly AUSJET22 'Connections' email and post. 

We'll keep you informed across these pages however, if you would like to be up-to-date with all things AUSJET22, subscribe to our emails by contacting Gabe at

To see this month's 'Connections' update connect now.






Aqua Assets on the right track to exhibit their capabilities at AUSJET22


AUSJET/ADCVA member Aqua Assets are just one of many exhibitors who’ll be presenting their business capabilities at AUSJET22 our dedicated water jet, drain and vacuuming technology exhibition and conference, held at the Melbourne Showgrounds in March 2022.

Aqua Assets has provided water and waste management services to businesses in the utility, construction, engineering, and trade sectors for over 25 years.

As an exhibitor at AUSJET22, Aqua Assets will not only exhibit their capabilities, but the importance of professional training and safety as well through their RTO Asset Training which has been operating since 2006.

“Aqua Assets initially started the RTO to keep our staff trained and compliant with industry safety requirements but since then it has continued to grow into a reputable training organisation which now also services external clients,” Aqua Assets Project Manager Holly Tonner said.



Above: Aqua Assets Project Manager Holly Tonner.


Over the years Aqua Assets have continued to expand their core business as well. Holly said expanding and diversifying the business has been a priority for the company who are constantly looking to incorporate new technologies to assist with their several contracts within the sector.

“A trial project utilising Electro Scan Inc’s Focused Electrode Leak Location (FELL) technology to evaluate sewer mains ranging from 150mm to 400mm was completed in December 2019 with Sydney Water, Australia’s largest water utility,” she said.

“Sydney Water will use the findings from this trial to see if they can improve the way they test their new and rehabilitated pipelines and prioritise their repair strategies for existing wastewater pipelines.”

On top of assisting with the development of new technologies, a recent focus of Aqua Assets in 2021 has been within the rail industry.

“We have now added a Hi-Rail Combination Unit to our fleet,” Holly said.

“It allows for non-destructive digging as well as drain cleaning which makes it a rare piece of equipment in Australia. We are currently authorised to operate on various rail networks throughout Australia and already have contracts in place with ARTC and Sydney Trains and are hoping to continue to grow that sector of our business in the future”.

Aqua Assets will be exhibiting their services and capabilities at AUSJET22 on March 30 and 31, 2022.  To find out more about AUSJET22 including how you can showcase your business to the sector by also becoming an exhibitor, go to



Above: Aqua Assets Hi-Rail Combination Unit.




Longwall Hydraulics is excited to attend and exhibit at AUSJET22


AUSJET/ADCVA member LW Hydraulics are well known as a provider of products and services to the longwall coal mining sector however, did you know they are also the agents for: Kamat, Dynaset and Dynajet High-Pressure Water products?

“We’re celebrating 30 years in business next year and for the majority of those years we worked solely in underground coal mining,” LW Hydraulics Sales, Marketing & Project Manager John Atkinson said.

“We actually started off fixing hydraulic valves and then we grew the business into high-pressure pump systems for mining when we became Australian agents and partnered with the German manufacturer of high-pressure pumps, Kamat some 17 years ago. Kamat Plunger pumps are now installed in the majority of Longwall Systems across Australia, and that’s not by chance, it’s due to their performance and cost effectiveness”.

“However, we always knew Kamat pumps had a market outside of underground mining and five or six years ago we focused on diversify the business into other high-pressure water applications for a wide range of industries.

“We now supply quality high-pressure components, pumps and complete systems from our range of Kamat Pumps, Dynajet high pressure cleaners and Dynaset Pumps into many industrial applications and sectors such as: industrial cleaning, hydro demolition, dust suppression, non-destructive digging, aquaculture, agriculture, construction and of course mining”.

John said the team at LW Hydraulics are excited to attend AUSJET22 because it’s important to get their services and products in front of the right people.

“AUSJET22 offers the company a great opportunity in not only showcasing the company’s capacities but to understand the market,” he said.

“We want to understand the industry better and make sure we are up to speed on what the current conversation is, and another reason of course is to get in front of the right customers so they can compare our products with our competitors and we believe exhibiting our services at AUSJET22 will achieve that.”

LW Hydraulics will be exhibiting their services and capabilities at AUSJET22 on March 30 and 31, 2022.  To find out more about AUSJET22 including how you can showcase your business to the sector by also becoming an exhibitor, go to



Above: Longwall Hydraulics Manager John Atkinson.





Incident Reporting - We want to hear from you


One of the responsibilities of being a member of AUSJET/ADCVA is to report all incidents. It is important we communicate all incidents within our industry to prevent them from reoccurring and to improve industry safety both here in Australia and now globally through the GICC Global Industrial Cleaning Coalition.


All information is kept strictly confidential and can be reported through our website safety/report-an-incident-/, or directly to our administrator Gabe Wardle In all cases we request the contact details of the person reporting the incident, so we can work with them to develop an industry safety alert.


When developing the industry safety alerts any reference to the company that had the incident, or the location of the incident is removed. Prior to publishing the safety alert, we send a draft of the alert to the reporting person for their approval prior to distributing the alert to our members and on social media.


So, what should be reported?


In the past reporting has been generally around the higher consequence incidents, severe injuries, hospitalisations etc. To truly improve industry safety, we want to engage more, we would like to see all incidents involving High Pressure Water Jetting, Vacuum Loading, Drain Cleaning and Hydro Excavation reported including,


  • Accidents
  • Injuries
  • Near Misses
  • Environmental Incident


In some circumstances we understand that some incidents may be placed under legal privilege. In these instances if possible we would request that members simply advise AUSJET/ADCVA that an incident has occurred without specific detail, then at the completion of the investigation and the period of privilege, we can then work together to develop a safety alert.

To report an Incident, please go to safety/report-an-incident-/




Safety Snippets



Vacuum Loading Safety


Everyday most people working in Industrial Services are either operating or have an interaction with a vacuum unit of some type. It is important that we don’t become complacent around vacuum equipment. The following is an extract from our Recommended Practices for the Use of Industrial Vacuum Equipment Booklet.


Air movement through a vacuum hose creates an air velocity in excess of 320 kph. If your hand passes in front of the hose opening while in operation, your hand will be sucked inside by this strong air stream. A force depending on the size of the hose between 170kgs and 360kgs will be holding your arm in the hose. You will not be able to pull your arm out as long as the vacuum is not broken. While your arm is stuck in the vacuum hose the differential pressure generated by the vacuum will cause blood and other body liquids to flow into your arm and accumulate there. Your arm will immediately swell, and extensive damage will result.


Keep vacuum tools and hoses away from face and body. Concentrated vacuum on the body, such as through a hose end in full contact can result in severe injuries including blindness.


If any body part is caught by the airflow from the open end of a vacuum hose, the vacuum breaker system should be engaged immediately, and the unit shut down. 


Serious injuries have resulted when rocks or clumps of material strike the hands at speeds in excess of 320 kph.


If an injury occurs while using a vacuum system, seek medical attention immediately. Tell the physician the cause of injury and what type of material was being vacuumed at the time of the accident as material may have entered the wound.


There is the possibility of engulfment, or being buried by shifting material, on many air moving jobs. Vacuuming near the base of a high pile of material could cause the material to shift or slide engulfing you and possibly fellow workers.


Back injuries are predominately caused by not using the correct lifting techniques while handling the hose. Hoses are especially heavy in service when using wet and/or sticky material as material tends to stick on walls of hose weighing it down. Safe Work Australia Code of Practice: Hazardous Manual Tasks will assist in the safe system of work process to be used.


The emissions from vacuum pump discharge silencer or process may contain harmful gases and or vapours.  These emissions could have the potential to cause serious injury, illness, or death, if not properly controlled. 


Vacuum unit engine exhaust can discharge levels of carbon monoxide which if inhaled can cause serious illness or death.


For more information and advice on vacuum safety, why not purchase a copy of the Recommended Practices for the Use of Industrial Vacuum Equipment Booklet from our website.





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Enviroline and the Wiggins family business story


The SEWERQUIP story starts back in 1965. Having learnt the ropes from his plumber father, Ralph started a business cleaning pipes and septic tanks around greater Sydney. As the business (and his family) grew, it wasn’t long before he had four trucks on the road and two sons helping during the school holidays. As their mates took off on BMX bikes in the 80s, teenagers James and Mark Wiggins were helping in the business pumping out grease traps of Chinese restaurants in Haymarket.

Then there were three

Having grown through excellent services and word-of-mouth, Ralph sold his business in 1987. Soon after, spotting a gap in the market for power equipment, Ralph set up AIM Equipment, selling a range of engines, generators and pumps, joined in the business by sons James and Mark. Initially from a small shed in Blacktown, their expertise in plumbing and pumps led to a growing demand for specialist pipe maintenance equipment. In 2003, the team shifted focus to jetters and accessories for plumbers before an official name change to SEWERQUIP.

The new kids on the block

Having spent their 90s school holidays helping in the warehouse and doing stocktakes, it seemed inevitable that James’ sons, Brent and Troy Wiggins, would join the team, coming on board in 2004/5. With their passion for design, innovation and technology, the boys helped kick off an exciting growth phase for SEWERQUIP as it continued to grow steadily across Australia. A tipping point in the business came with the launch of the Ranger series of truck and trailer jetters, which reached a whole new market. On top of that, an expansion into supplying heavy-duty custom equipment for Municipal Councils and Water Authorities in 2014 took things to a new level. “The game changed when we landed a huge contract for a major State Water Authority to supply a fleet of 30 customised trucks. That stretched the team and was the challenge we needed to step up,” says Troy Wiggins, Sales & Marketing Manager.

The family team is just getting started

With loyal plumbing customers, a growing municipal division, and a host of new products in the pipeline, SEWERQUIP has big plans for the future. “In 2020 we opened our brand-new purpose-built manufacturing facility. It allows us to increase production, grow our range, stock more products and deliver better, faster customer service,” says CEO James Wiggins. “We’re ahead of the game in terms of technology and innovation, but our 50-year legacy also gives us an edge. Having been through the dirty work ourselves, we understand what it’s like for our customers who roll up their sleeves every day. All the experience and war stories shared down the generations get fed into the design of our products. “In the end it’s all about more compact, powerful and durable gear that can get the job done faster and at a lower cost. Our goal is to help our customers run better, more profitable businesses. “ While they are still too young to let loose in the office, Brent and Troy both have little lads running around. So with family roots already extending back over five decades, there might just be a few more branches growing on the SEWERQUIP family tree.

Committed to Aussie plumbers

In 2021, SEWERQUIP rebranded to Enviroline to better reflect the growing diversity of products and customers beyond pipe maintenance, however Troy will remain focused on the plumbing industry. “We’ve always been passionate about innovation and new products, but we remain 100% committed to Aussie plumbers and councils. The SEWERQUIP name and range will stay central to the business and will remain my focus. With family roots already extending back over five decades, the Wiggins are here to stay. “This has been a family business from the start. Brent and I both have young ones running around, so one day we’re looking forward to the fourth generation of Wiggins coming on board!” While these days he’s supported by a growing team, Troy is always up for a chat. If you’re in the market for a jetter or pipe maintenance gear, have a chat with Troy first.







Drain Cleaning Best Practice


Drain cleaning is a high risk activity conducted by a wide range of companies across Australia and New Zealand.

Meeting the requirements of the Australian Standards is an ongoing challenge due to the demands of clients and the environments in which we work.

An example of best practice is one company’s current Drain Cleaning requirements.


Key Points:

•             Braided hose stockings - not hose restraints

•             Hydrostatic hose testing at 6 month intervals

•             Different coloured Leader hose to assist in the identification of the nozzle

•             RTO Trained operators

•             Anti withdrawal device

•             Hold to activate device

•             Safety observer for manual operations

•             Secondary mechanical pressure relief device

•             Warning signage to meet AS4233






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Meet the Perth Management Team (L to R) Matt Drury, Adrian Marlow and Ron Ellerby



Bronson Hokai - quality checking finished products.




WJTA Conference & Expo Update



Dear WJTA members and community,


The WJTA leadership and administrative staff have continued to monitor the recent outbreaks of COVID-19 and impacts for our members and communities.


Based on the spread of COVID delta variant, local public health restrictions, and feedback from the industry and exhibitors, the WJTA Board of Directors has decided to cancel the 2021 WJTA Conference & Expo scheduled for October 2021 in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Without question, our primary concern is ensuring the safety of participants. This decision is difficult, however, the current spread of COVID and uncertain projections for the fall make it impossible to hold an October event that is both safe and productive for participants.


Following the successful 2019 Conference & Expo’s increased attendance, expanded educational opportunities and positive feedback and the cancellation of WJTA 2020, the 2021 WJTA Conference & Expo was expected to be one of our best events.


We are excited to announce the 2022 WJTA Conference & Expo will be held November 2-3 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The 2022 Conference & Expo will include technical whitepapers planned for 2021, as well as expanded educational and networking opportunities.


For more information, please contact Peter Wright at or 1-314-241-1445.


Sincerely yours,

Bill Gaff             Bill McClister
Chairman            President


Website: | Email:



Meet a Board Member – Peter Jones




I started my working life as a plumber which then led me to Industrial Services, initially contracting to Barry Bros Specialised Services in Victoria in 2001. I then joined Barry Bros as a project manager where I gained experience across a wide range of applications, including drain cleaning, high pressure water jetting, vacuum loading, and NDD/Hydro excavation. This gave me great all-round experience and knowledge.


I held several roles over a number of years with Barry before moving to Western Australia as part of the Barry Bros – Toxfree merger. I then went on to establish Solo Resource Recovery in WA and now currently still work in the industry with KOR Equipment Solutions.


I have always had a strong focus and interest in health and safety and wanted to help improve our industry safety and training. My involvement with AUSJET commenced in 2009 as member of the AS/NZS 4233 review committee.


In 2010 I became a board member of AUSJET and have held Vice President, President and now the Chairman’s role. In 2012 I was nominated by Standards Australia to Chair the SF043 Committee for the review of AS/NZS 4233 which was completed in 2013. I continue to have a passion for continuous improvement within our industry, and the challenges our industry faces now and into the future.


On the personal side I like spending time with my family, I have a wife and two boys one which works in the industrial services industry. I also like to travel internationally, having visited places such as Aruba and Capri, my travel has been curtailed for the last 18 months but I am sure it will return at some point. My other interests are cooking (smoking meat in particular) and more recently off-road driving.



AUSJET/ADCVA welcomes new member



Based in New South Wales




Who is Vacvator?


Vacvator is a privately-owned Australian manufacturer of vacuum trucks.                                                            vacvator_made_in_australia_sticker.png

Established in 2006, Vacvator is now a leading supplier of high-quality vacuum trucks, dry vac and jetting trucks in Australia. Located in regional NSW, Vacvator prides itself on offering the best value for money systems for non-destructive digging by designing what the industry needs for a fast-growing competitive market.

Vacvator strives for continuous improvement by listening to feedback from our customers and researching the most up-to-date equipment to ensure we design the best vacuum trucks we can. The result is easy to use, quiet, safe, highly efficient and technologically advanced vacuum truck. Vacvator has vac trucks in operation after 14 years of use which is a testament to their long-term reliability and durability.

Our vacuum trucks are designed and manufactured at our facility in Goulburn NSW, fully assembled, tested, road compliant and ready to go to work.


We can help you select the right model!


At Vacvator we build vacuum trucks from 3,000ltrs to 18000ltrs. We have Non-Destructive Digging (NDD), Jetting/NDD combo, Dry Vac/NDD combo trucks available for our customers to select from. Our industry experts are here to help you select the right model and truck for your application.





For more information about Vacvator, go to their website:








Collaborative Development and Promotion of Basic Industrial Cleaning Principles


The Global Industrial Cleaning Coalition (GICC) is a group of industrial cleaning safety associations, asset owners, contractors, and equipment manufacturers voluntarily coming together to contribute to the creation and adoption of basic industrial cleaning principles around the world.

Our mission is to help national safety associations adopt basic principles in high pressure water jetting, municipal/vacuum truck cleaning, chemical cleaning, and respiratory protection that are easy to implement country by country in consideration of differing workforce, regulatory and economic conditions and without imposing on sovereignty of the existing national organizations.

The purpose of the GICC is to help save lives and reduce injuries in the industrial cleaning industry through the collaborative development and promotion of basic industrial cleaning principles.

“There is no need for unnecessary injures or work-related deaths. Be part of a global shift in mindset that will help save lives.”

Kerry Siggins, CEO, StoneAge, Inc.






Show your support by featuring our badge on your website. Please link to our website to help spread the word about this movement and your affiliation with it.


For more information about the GICC, please visit their website at




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Is a rapidly growing company who specializes in time critical mining shut downs and other associated mining works

We are seeking an experienced WA high pressure water blasting team leader with strong leadership and interpersonal skills. Mechanical knowledge would be advantageous

You would be performing water jetting activities as part of our team, while promoting safe work practices and completing all necessary documentation

A good rapport with the team and clients is essential

Renumeration is negotiable



We are also seeking skilled and experienced high pressure water blasting operators/assistants

Ideal candidates would be experienced in the mining industry and reside within WA

Current HPWJ tickets MSMSS00003/4, working from heights, confined space, NPC, DAS and being physically fit are requirements for the positions


Great rates paid!

We are aiming to create permanent positions for those who demonstrate the necessary abilities   

If you would like to be part of our progressive company who values and rewards skilled employees-


Please give Tony a call on 0403 532 011 (leave a message or text for a call back) or alternatively upload a resume to


We look forward to hearing from you!




AUSJET / ADCVA Meetings for 2021

Annual General Meeting - August 2021.

  • Tuesday 31 August 2021

Our next meeting will be our Annual General Meeting to be held in Western Australia during August, at KOR Equipment Solutions and via ZOOM.

Meeting times 12pm WST and 2pm AEST on the 31st of August.

KOR Perth: 23A Blackly Row, Cockburn Central

To attend in person, please contact Gabe at:


To attend the zoom meeting, please register on the following link:



General Meeting - November 2021.

  • Thursday 25 November 2021 - Details to be announced




Newsletter and Website Advertising


The AUSJET / ADCVA Newsletter is an e-newsletter which is distributed via email across the membership and other Industry groups and individuals throughout Australasia and internationally; as well as the AUSJET website and across Facebook and LinkedIn social media platforms.

Advertising in the Newsletter consists of either an image advertorial and/or an article advertorial which allows your business to get noticed by those with influence in the Water Jetting, Drain Cleaning, Vacuum Loading and Hydro Excavation industries.

The Newsletter is distributed bi-monthly: February, April, June, August, October and End of Year December.


Newsletter - Advertise your business and services in the next Newsletter



Platinum Member





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$199.00 per Advertorial


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$220.00 per Advertorial


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$380.50 Financial Yearly

(Members Only Benefit)


If you would like to advertise, please email









Recommended Practices for the Use of Industrial Vacuum Equipment Booklet: First Edition 2020


The Australian first edition of the Recommended Practices for the use of Industrial Vacuum Equipment

Prepared by the Australasian High Pressure Water Jetting Association (AUSJET*)


1 - 10 books $19.80ea

10 books & above $16.50ea


1 - 10 books $27.50

10 books & above $24.20






AUSJET Medical Advice Card

(wallet size)


$1.90 each


Social Media


Look up AUSJET on LinkedIn

Like and share us on Facebook


Please note: AUSJET’s goal with our social media platforms (LinkedIn and Facebook) is to keep you informed about the industry and our initiatives as well as safety alerts and better safety practices including the sharing of our member’s posts. However, to share our members posts/stories please make sure when you do post, all safety requirements have been adhered to including the wearing of approved PPE, otherwise we are not able to post your story.




To ensure AUSJET receives your mail please forward our change of address details to all your departments!

The new postal address for all correspondence to AUSJET / ADCVA is: PO Box 182 Albion Park NSW 2527




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