LW Hydraulics excited to exhibit at AUSJET22

Fri, 27 Aug 2021

AUSJET/ADCVA member LW Hydraulics are well known as a provider of products and services to the longwall coal mining sector however, did you know they are also the agents for: Kamat, Dynaset and Dynajet High-Pressure Water products?

“We’re celebrating 30 years in business next year and for the majority of those years we worked solely in underground coal mining,” LW Hydraulics Sales, Marketing & Project Manager John Atkinson said.

“We actually started off fixing hydraulic valves and then we grew the business into high-pressure pump systems for mining when we became Australian agents and partnered with the German manufacturer of high-pressure pumps, Kamat some 17 years ago. Kamat Plunger pumps are now installed in the majority of Longwall Systems across Australia, and that’s not by chance, it’s due to their performance and cost effectiveness”.

“However, we always knew Kamat pumps had a market outside of underground mining and five or six years ago we focused on diversify the business into other high-pressure water applications for a wide range of industries.

“We now supply quality high-pressure components, pumps and complete systems from our range of Kamat Pumps, Dynajet high pressure cleaners and Dynaset Pumps into many industrial applications and sectors such as: industrial cleaning, hydro demolition, dust suppression, non-destructive digging, aquaculture, agriculture, construction and of course mining”.


Above: LW Hydraulics Sales, Marketing & Project Manager John Atkinson.

John said the team at LW Hydraulics are excited to attend AUSJET22 because it’s important to get their services and products in front of the right people.

“AUSJET22 offers the company a great opportunity in not only showcasing the company’s capacities but to understand the market,” he said.

“We want to understand the industry better and make sure we are up to speed on what the current conversation is, and another reason of course is to get in front of the right customers so they can compare our products with our competitors and we believe exhibiting our services at AUSJET22 will achieve that.”

LW Hydraulics will be exhibiting their services and capabilities at AUSJET22 on March 30 and 31, 2022. To find out more about AUSJET22 including how you can showcase your business to the sector by also becoming an exhibitor, go to ausjetconnect.com.au

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