Industrial Services peak industry body supports essential services COVID isolation exceptions

Mon, 17 Jan 2022

AUSJET / ADVCA are applauding last week’s decision by the prime minister Scott Morrison and the national cabinet to change ‘close contact rules’ and ‘isolation exemptions’ for the energy resources and water and waste management sector.

AUSJET / ADCVA Chair Peter Jones said the past two years of COVID-19 has been of concern for the peak industry body due to that apart from NSW, there was no prescribed list of essential services legislated in other states and territories.

“The decision by the national cabinet to change close contact rules and extend the ‘furlough arrangements’ to the industrial services sector gives workers and the industry clarity about the immediate future,” Mr Jones said.

AUSJET / ADVCA is the peak industry body for businesses involved in providing industrial cleaning, liquid waste management and asset maintenance services to government agencies including Water Authorities, Power Authorities, Port Rail and Councils as well as services across the resource and construction sector and the wider community.

Mr Jones said the associations members and wider industry participants fully support the need for controls to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 and the Omicron Variant.

“Our members have implemented all directives issued by the government in relation to social distancing and hygiene however, if our industry businesses continued to be deemed as ‘nonessential’, we believe it would cause harm to the community as many of our members services that support vital infrastructure and help maintain public hygiene,” he said.

“AUSJET / ADCVA has advocated and campaigned across every state and territory for many of our members services to be legislated as essential services for some time now and even though it took COVID-19 to finally change the legislation, our membership applauds the national cabinet decision, and we recommend that those changes should remain in place once COVID-19 is under control.”

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