DEN-JET's safety focus extends to Platinum membership

Mon, 16 Aug 2021

ONE of AUSJET's and ADCVA's aims and core services is to assist our members in providing a safe work environment through improved standards, training, and advocacy, and when one of our members strives to achieve those goals, we celebrate their leadership and vision for being the best they can be.

Long-term member and water blasting manufacturer DEN-JET have a strong focus on manufacturing their products with safety front of mind, and it is through those values and beliefs, the business has now become the first Platinum member of AUSJET/ADCVA.

œAt the end of the day it is all about coming home to the family safe, DEN-JET director Martin Jensen (pictured) said. œWe are not interested in any injuries which is DEN-JET's key focus by manufacturing to the highest standards we can possibly reach.

Den-Jet is an original equipment manufacturer of electric, diesel, petrol, hydraulic and air powered water blasters within Australia, New Zealand, and the PNG. Hailing originally from Denmark and now an Australian citizen, Martin started the company in Australia in 2013.

œDEN-JET started out with no office and simply a warehouse, he said. œI didn't know anybody, and I began more or less by making cold calls but for me, one of the key things I learnt years ago is when a customer wants service and parts, it needs to be there today, not next week, not next month.

Martin said becoming a Platinum member of AUSJET/ADCVA was not only because he supports the aims of the association, but in many ways, it was strategic.

œWhat I continue to see here in Australia is a strong focus on safety, he said. œI believe there has been a dedicated shift over the past 3 to 4 years to improve safety within the water jetting industry and due to our strong focus on manufacturing safe to use products and how our values are aligned with AUSJET/ADCVA's, I decided to increase our membership to a Platinum level.

AUSJET/ADCVA chairman Peter Jones said the AUSJET/ADCVA board is excited to welcome DEN-JET as our first Platinum member and thank Martin and his team for their support.

œAs a non-for-profit association, AUSJET/ADCVA relies on membership revenue, to run the association and advocate for industry, Peter said.

œOne of our goals is to grow our membership base and revenue to a point where we are able to appoint an independent CEO, to oversee the running of the association on behalf of the board.

œWe hope others in our industry will follow DEN-JET's lead as it helps us to continue our important work of improving safety and training across our industry.

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