Class A Training now Online

Fri, 24 Dec 2021

Class A Training - Use high pressure water jetting equipment now available online

AUSJET / ADCVA have provided Class A Training via a USB (Memory Stick) in the past; The training has been very popular with our members and non-members alike, by providing users with a very comprehensive training package for the safe use of high-pressure water jetting equipment.

This course is for members of a water jetting team who are not competent to operate independently and need to have basic competencies before working under supervision. This not only involves technical competence in high pressure water jetting but also requires safe operation at a worksite that is not familiar to the operator.

Unit of Competency MSMWJ202 - Use high pressure water jetting equipment, is now a pre-requisite for MSMWJ304 Operate a high-pressure water jetting system. Any new entrant to the industry must now complete MSMWJ202 Use high pressure water jetting equipment and complete 120 hours of tool time before being able to enrol in the operate a high-pressure water jetting system course.

The training reflects the skill requirement to use high pressure water jetting equipment safely and effectively under supervision.

AUSJET has streamlined the process by making the Class A training available online via the AUSJET / ADCVA website.

Up until now, course was packaged on to a USB stick and posted to the recipient. The course was provided using Adobe Captivate, encoded with a use by date' after which the material became inaccessible.

By having the Class A Training available online means that users can purchase and access the course and be provided with a certificate of completion, all on the same day. Thus, eliminating the need for invoicing, USB preparation, posting and tracking. This can be a two-to-three-week turnaround, at best.

Significant other reasons for changing the process were due to Adobe no longer supporting Flash Player from after the 31st December 2020 and blocked Flash content from running, thus making the USB not function and no longer secure.

The benefit of moving online:

  • Greater security - encrypted delivery
  • Lower costs - significantly less handling time
  • Greater speed of delivery
  • No need to buy USB hardware
  • Instant access for customers


To access the Class A Training, please go to the website page by following this link.

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