AUSJET22 Important Announcement

Wed, 10 Nov 2021

Setting The Direction

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world. It has changed the way people live their lives and has also caused the corporate world to rethink how business is conducted. Gone are the days where decisions are set for good. Adaptability and foresight have never been more important.

Please read this notice in its entirety, as it's important you get the full story and facts.

You see, COVID has forced AUSJET and Expertise Events to rethink our first event, and we have decided that we are not willing to compromise on its success. 

Recently, depending on which state you are based in, you may have seen news coverage of the WA Premier saying that the WA borders are likely to be closed until the state reaches 90% vaccination which is likely to be April/May. AUSJET22 is a national event and therefore we want to celebrate the reconnection by having all states involved and a large emerging factor is confidence. Closed borders affect exhibitors and delegates from getting to the conference as well as buyers, and it is not in the best interest of the event to leave any of those elements out.

You would no doubt also be aware a number of industry events in the last three months have announced dates in March, which given we announced our dates some six months ago, is disappointing. It will be interesting to see how many are prepared to run despite some states being excluded from attending.

Given the size of the market within Australia we would find running a national event that precludes a state from participating in any form as completely undesirable, and that the organiser is putting their profitability ahead of the industry’s success. AUSJET22 is an event by the industry, for the industry and the focus is about being all inclusive.

Adding to the dilemma over the last two weeks, the Victorian Premier has announced COVID restrictions will remain in place at least until after major events in Melbourne, meaning until the end of April.

None of these things augurs well for the first event coming out of the global pandemic. The scenarios above are mere facts of the situation and are not about politics; they are based factually on the information we have today.

REEBOOT for 2022

I think you will agree that given the past two years, the first AUSJET event coming out of the COVID-era should be an unashamed celebration that reconnects the whole industry.

For all the above reasons we are therefore pleased to advise that we will be moving AUSJET22 to October 12 - 13, 2022 still based at Melbourne Showground.

This caters for all borders being open, allowing people to travel freely whilst allowing international speakers, exhibitors and buyers to attend the event as it is anticipated that all international borders by this time will also be open. 

The change of dates allows us to secure a bigger building, better suited convention space and importantly a better outdoor area that also caters for the noise, water and compliance aspects.

We appreciate this is the third time we have been forced outside of our control to move the event, but it underlines our determination to make it a huge success. We are not prepared to put in any less than 100% effort. Our new dates do not conflict with any existing events and we feel the time will work to its advantage.

All bookings will be transferred with no additional costs despite the increases in cost that we are incurring. We will hold those bookings that have ‘hung in’ at the 2020 rate. New bookings will be at the 2022 rate.

We cannot predict the future - we can only make the best decision based on the information we have at the time. I hope you understand and agree with our decision because it has been made in the best interest of the entire community, in all states and territories.

It gives us more certainty and a new level of excitement.

But above all, we hope to see you in person with a huge SMILE on your face, not covered by a COVID mask because AUSJET22 will be a true celebration, reconnecting the industry at an event with all the key business ingredients and some fun.

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