Advocating for benefits of Hydro Demolition in repairing structural defects

Sat, 10 Oct 2020

AUSJET/ADCVA Advocating on behalf of Members.

AUSJET/ADCVA were approached by one of our members Silver Raven, to promote the benefits of Hydro Demolition in repairing structural defects in building to the NSW Building Commissioner. AUSJET/ADCVA were happy to advocate the benefits of Hydro Demolition, promote our contractor members, and communicate the requirements AS 4233:2013.

To deliver on this project a small working group of contractor members involved with Hydro Demolition was formed, to develop a Definition Paper which could be used to advocate Hydro Demolition and its’ benefits. The working group consisted of Duncan Hart ( Silver Raven), Peter Bradford (Aqua Prep) and Lance McKay (Cleanaway), we thank these members for their time and their input in to the paper. We value the input of members and thank Hydrodem Waterblasting Solutions for their case study, and members that provided feedback on the discussion paper.

The Definition Paper “Hydro Demolition and the Advantages of its’ Use in the Remediation of Concrete Structures” was forwarded to the NSW Building Commissioner Mr David Chandler OAM for his consideration.

We look forward to further advocating across the wider industry on behalf of our members, as a member should you have an issue you want your association to advocate on your behalf please contact


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