A message to AUSJET / ADCVA members about COVID-19

Thu, 26 Mar 2020

Dear AUSJET / ADCVA Member,

As the coronavirus pandemic becomes more severe and containment measures increasingly disrupt our normal lives, I’m sure many of us share the same concerns both the immediate and the future. Whilst at work these things can become distractions and impact on our safety awareness, so it’s important to remain focussed identifying and controlling hazards around us every day in our normal work environments.

In addition to our industries generic and site specific hazards, we also need to take in to consideration the new hazards COVID-19 represents we therefore recommend members;

  • Please strictly adhere to all government health guidance
  • Ensure employees stay home if they are sick
  • Provide employees with hand sanitiser and additional PPE if required
  • Implement social distancing in the work place where ever possible
  • Promote good hygiene, wash hands for 20 seconds at regular times throughout the day
  • Encourage online interaction and communication to the greatest extent possible
  • Implement additional cleaning and sanitary practices

As many of our members provide essential services it is important we are fit and healthy, and in a position to support our communities through these times. AUSJET /ADCVA are here to standby our members during these trying times, and will continue to promote training and safety and advocate on behalf of our members as required.

In order to protect the safety of our members, suppliers, and industry, a planned event which we were just about to announce will be moved online – further details soon. We are committed to continuing to provide our services to our members, and we will be creating new digital opportunities to learn, network and advocate for the industry. We are also continuing to plan AUSJET21 Conference scheduled for March 2021 AT THE Melbourne Show Grounds as we believe it’s important the industry has something to look forward to once we have overcome our current circumstances.

AUSJET / ADCVA is confident that the industry will rise to this occasion and continue to grow and thrive, as a community we will persevere and overcome the current obstacles. We assure you that AUSJET / ADCVA will continue to represent the industry across Australasia and offer support to help you get through the weeks and months ahead.


Peter Jones.

Chairman of the Board


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