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Go to the Membership Application Form and submit by email to AUSJET/ADCVA.

The information provided in your membership application will be included in the online "Members Only" directory.

Take a moment to complete the "company description" section. Individuals often visit the AUSJET/ADCVA web site looking for products/systems/services in their area. AUSJET / ADCVA also uses this information to refer individuals who call or email our office.

The Australasian High Pressure Water Jetting Association (AUSJET), incorporating Australasian Drain Cleaning and Vacuum Association (ADCVA), is the peak national industrial services industry representative body with members across Australia and internationally.

AUSJET and ADCVA exists to strengthen safety standards for business and industry working in the Water Jetting, Drain Cleaning, Vacuum Loading and Hydro Excavation Industries.

Becoming a AUSJET / ADCVA member provides opportunities to be a part of a proactive and innovative network that promotes capability and capacity of our members and provides a strong network of member companies and businesses seeking to provide a safe work environment through improved standards, training and advocacy.


AUSJET and ADCVA has five core services to assist your business in creating success.


  • Working with industry to implement and maintain safety procedures;
  • To promote and facilitate the continual development of a safe work environment;
  • To build the capability and capacity of your business to meet best safety practices.


  • Keeping you up-to-date with the latest safety legislation and procedures;
  • To facilitate ongoing training development in the industry;
  • To promote and facilitate standardisation of safe work practices in the industry.


  • To educate and develop your business into a safe workplace;
  • Developing employee skills to build and maintain a safe workplace;
  • Sharing our knowledge to educate, innovate, adapt and grow your business.


  • Connecting you to opportunities through the facilitation of professional networks;
  • Keeping you updated through research, legislation, industry news and information;
  • To promote and encourage communication and development.


  • Creating a sustainable industry by encouraging better safety procedures;
  • Promoting our members to industry and the community and advocating for high safety standards;
  • Representing your interests by influencing policy and decision makers through providing a single voice.

Membership Benefits

Becoming a member of AUSJET and ADCVA is a demonstration of your organisations commitment to safety, quality, and the continued development of the Water Jetting, Drain Cleaning, Vacuum Loading and Hydro Excavation industries.

Membership benefits include but are not limited to:

  • the latest information and advice on all aspects of the industry;
  • networking with industry professionals from around the world;
  • discounts on AUSJET and ADCVA events including exhibit space;
  • member only safety alerts, reporting and history;
  • discounted Class A Training packages;
  • involvement and input into Australian Standards in the Water Jetting, Drain Cleaning, Vacuum Loading and Hydro Excavation industries;
  • an exclusive membership directory listing for members only;
  • the latest industry news;
  • access to AUSJET/ADCVA newsletter;
  • involvement and participation with association projects and initiatives;
  • participation and attendance rights to AUSJET/ADCVA general meeting and working groups;
  • information and tools to facilitate a safer work environment;
  • our in-house consultancy service;
  • a public find a service' listing on website directory, service description and hyperlink (Online Corporate Directory);
  • discounts on website and newsletter advertising (distributed throughout Australasia and internationally);
  • discounted member rates; and
  • company membership certificate.

If your organisation is associated with the Water Jetting, Drain Cleaning, Vacuum Loading and Hydro Excavation industries it makes commercial sense to become a member of Australasia's peak industry body who can support your business on a national level in training and safety that assists you in building a better business.

Click here for a AUSJET / ADCVA membership brochure.

Membership Levels

  • Platinum Membership (Any corporate member who in addition to membership below, sponsors the association to $5,000 or over);

  • Gold Corporate (3 or more registered States operation location);

  • Silver Corporate (2 registered States operation location);

  • Bronze Corporate (1 registered State operation);

  • Associate Membership is available to individual persons who do not supply a service to industry and do not have voting rights;

  • International membership is available to companies outside Australia who supply a service to industry.

Please note: Associate Membership does not include voting rights. 

Membership Pricing 2023-2024

All pricing is inclusive of GST.

Gold Corporate
Silver Corporate
$  790.00
Bronze Corporate
$  395.00
$  435.00
$  208.00
Joining Fee (One off payment upon application)
$  115.00

PLATINUM  Membership - Any corporate member who in addition to their membership above, sponsors AUSJET / ADCVA to any amount over $5,000.00


Please note: Membership expires after six months if annual membership renewal fees are not paid. After membership has expired, the full joining fee is payable in order to continue membership. 

Payments can be made by B-Pay or by credit card.

  • Account Name: Australasian High Pressure Water Jetting Association Ltd
  • BSB Number: 062 607
  • Account Number: 10212332


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