Platinum Membership

Platinum Membership includes any corporate member who, in addition to their annual membership, sponsors the AUSJET/ADCVA Association to $5,000.00 or more.

The benefits of Platinum membership in addition to current membership benefits, are:

  • Recognition on our website with a link to their business (Other members can only be accessed by existing members)
  • Guaranteed monthy promotion by AUSJET/ADCVA on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Free article in each newsletter edition 6 times per year
  • Free annual Web Banner


Our Platinum Members:

Den-Jet Australia Pty Ltd


Den-Jet produces a wide range of Water Jetting Equipment. With research & development facilities, heavy in-house CNC machining capability and a full manufacturing facility in Denmark we handle the business from idea to end user support. Den-Jet control logistics, support their own assembly plants in Europe and Asia as well as a network of distributors worldwide. They have grown rapidly during the past decade and were in 2009 granted the Gazelle award for being no. 72 best performing company in Denmark out of 4000 super performers. In Singapore they received the outstanding Enterprise 2011 award and in 2012 the platinum award for promising SME 2012.

Den-Jet's range of products covers complete electrical, diesel, petrol, hydraulic and air-powered Water Blasters from 100 - 3000 Bar for the Industrial, Marine and Offshore markets. Den-Jet produces a range of pumps, power packs (motor-pump units and engine-pump units) and Water Jetting Accessories for the OEM market and stock substantially in all their locations in Denmark, Singapore and China from where they support their customers along with a continuous growing distributor network.

Den-Jet are a team with more than 25 years of experience in developing and manufacturing Water Jetting Equipment in both Asia and Europe. They have a thorough knowledge about what pays off to manufacture in Asia and Europe both in terms of quality and cost. With a load full of mistakes in the past they have refined their procedures in order to obtain best quality/cost. Precision parts have become Den-Jet's strength in Northern Europe with many castings from Southern Europe and most metal plate and pipe fabrication done in Asia.


For enquiries, please contact:

Den-Jet Australia Pty Ltd

24-28 Bowyer Road, Wingfield SA 5013

Phone: +61 439 118 776

or visit their website:



WOMA Australia Pty Ltd




Proudly leading for over 35 years in cutting edge Industrial High Pressure Water Jetting and Vacuum Cleaning Technology. WOMA is committed to the provision of design, assembly, sale, training, service and rental support of high and ultra high pressure water jetting pumps and equipment along with vacuum pump technology, associated robotics and manipulators. Our broad range of nozzles, accessories, associated jetting systems and manually or remote controlled tools and equipment will give you the edge. We additionally engineer and install Explosion Protection Systems for hazardous environments.

Understanding that safety, productivity and efficiency are your highest priorities we offer you the following solutions:

  • WOMA Pressure Pumps and Accessories
  • WOMA Manually, Manipulator or Remote Controlled Water Tools
  • O­ffshore Hazardous Area Compliant Units (Zone 1&2)
  • Explosion Protection
  • Dietmar Kaiser Industrial Vacuum solutions
  • Hawk, Neron, Caviblaster, RICO, Schäfer & Urbach and DAB pumps
  • Compressors, Generators & Hydraulic Power Packs
  • Selected Waste Management Solutions
  • StoneAge & ENZ accessories
  • TST Safety Apparel


For enquiries, please contact:

WOMA Australia Pty Ltd

16 Redemptora Road, Henderson, WA 6166

Phone: 08 9434 6622

or visit their website: