3/16 Paxton Way, Port Kennedy WA 6172

Contact: Mark Wilson
P: 08 9524 9800

We are a highly professional family owned and operated business, delivering service throughout WA's Northwest and Pilbara regions in the form of high-pressure water blasting, abrasive blasting and industrial coatings.

Our services include:

Waterblasting (HPWJ and UHWPJ)- an environmentally friendly service that cleans, preps, unblocks, clears, breaks up, removes many types of medium. High pressure water uses less water than traditional bull hoses and cleans in a fraction of time. Where it is not practical to perform blasting using abrasive media, ultra high pressure water jetting (UHPWJ) and high pressure water jetting (HPWJ) can be employed.

Abrasive blasting - preparation of structures and equipment for protective coatings and structural repairs

Protective coatings - corrosion control and protection for steel structres and equipment, increasing the life span and decreasing the cost of replacement.

Vacuum Loading - effective for collection of waste in confined spaces and pits.

Labour hire - Operators and registered trades, work ready and available through strategic alliances to ensure completion for short or long term works.

Equipment hire - supply of equipment and light trucks on long and short term arrangements, can be dry or wet hire to meet requirements.

Ausblast provides a range of services for cleaning fixed and mobile plant to an optimum level that is ideal for use in maintenance and mine shutdown.

They assist with:

Rubber Removal

Drain cleaning

Tank cleaning

Surface Preparation

Pre-shut preparations

Maintenance services