Australian Pump Industries

7 Gladstone Road CASTLE HILL NSW 2154
Postal Address: PO BOX 6164 NORWEST NSW 2153 

Contact: Warwick Lorenz
P: 02 8865 3500

Australia is a country of extremes … fires, floods and droughts.

Australian Pump Industries, commonly known as Aussie Pumps, has risen to challenges presented by climate change and the succession of severe droughts. It has developed a comprehensive product range designed to provide real solutions for Australia’s harsh conditions.

From Australia’s biggest range of fire fighting & water transfer pumps to high pressure cleaning equipment for professionals, we deliver better outcomes for users in terms of reliability, efficiency and product longevity.

Our products are simply built better, to last longer!

Aussie Pumps supply the largest range of electric, engine and hydraulic drive high pressure cleaning equipment with pressures up to 7000 psi.

Steam and pressure melt away oil and grease without the need for chemicals.

Aussie supply engine drive and electric high pressure steam cleaning equipment with pressures up to 5,000 psi.

Aussie high pressure drain cleaning jetters have revolutionised the way that drains are unblocked . Using a super high powered spinning water jet, pipes are cleared faster & safer than using conventional methods.