Avcon Projects Australasia Pty Ltd

32 Gloucester Blvd, PORT KEMBLA NSW 2505

Contact: Keryn Calcraft
P: 1800 736 681

Avcon Projects is a team of highly qualified operators who specialise in Waste cleanup, remediation and recovery. We provide services across Australia to the industrial and commercial sectors.

Avcon Projects Australiasia is a leading industrial service, emergency and environmental response company that specialises in providing rapid, effective and sustainable solutions to mitigate asset liabilities and respond to emergencies. natural disasters and environmental incidents.

At Avcon, we take pride in delivering the best project and hazardous materials management solutions available in the market. Industrial services are highly dependent on the specific site, needs and complexities of our clients. Our industrial service jobs primarily focus on hazardous materials, dangerous goods, complex engineering considerations, and hazardous environments.