Brokk Australia Pty Ltd

9 Colorado Court, MORPHETT VALE SA 5162

Contact: Stefan Mace
P: 08 8387 7742

Brokk Australia is a subsidiary of Brokk AB and part of the Brokk Group of companies.

The Brokk Group is a world leader in specialised and technically advanced demolition equipment for various industries, including mining, tunnelling, construction, nuclear, cement and process. The group consists of several market-leading product and sales companies worldwide. Brokk is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the international investment company Lifco Group.

Headquartered in Adelaide, with multiple service locations around Australia, Brokk Australia has fully equipped workshop capabilities and experienced after-sales support, including service technicians, training and spare parts. Brokk is the leading supplier of remote-controlled demolition robots worldwide. With over 40 years of innovation, Brokk has earned global recognition for its demolition robots and countless attachments, which continue to provide safe, efficient and powerful demolition solutions.

We are excited to announce that Brokk Australia is now distributing Aquajet products to the Australian market.  Aquajet is designed to revolutionise the way you remove concrete and other materials from surfaces, providing a powerful and efficient hydrodemolition system for your business. Aquajet has been meticulously crafted to provide superior performance, durability, and convenience. With its state-of-the-art technology, this product is perfect for businesses looking for a hydrodemolition solution that is effective, efficient, and safe. Features include; High Water Pressure: Aquajet provides a high-pressure water jet that effectively removes concrete and other materials from surfaces without causing damage to surrounding areas. Precise Control: With Aquajet, you have precise control over the water pressure and flow, allowing you to target specific areas with accuracy and ease. Environmentally Friendly: Aquajet uses only water as its main ingredient, making it an eco-friendly alternative to traditional demolition methods that rely on chemicals or other harmful substances. Easy Site access: With a compact design, this product is easy to install and can fit into small spaces, giving you the ability to access even the smallest of sites.  Whether you are working in construction, maintenance, or any other industry that requires demolition with precise control, Aquajet provides a great alternative to your demolition needs.