Foreva Solutions

Level 3 13-15 Lyonpark Road MACQUARIE PARK NSW 2113

Contact: James Whereat
P: 02 9491 7177

Foreva Solutions is part of the Freyssinet Australia group.

Foreva Solutions are providing and delivering innovative solutions using high and ultra-high pressure water across all types of construction projects within the infastructure and industrial sectors.We are a national company and are also set up in New Zealand.

We offer a range of products and services:

  • High pressure water jetting (up to 1500 bar)
  • High pressure water jetting (up to 3000 bar)
  • Aqua cutter 710v xl
  • Aqua cutter jet frame unit
  • Robotic remote - controlled cutting heads and nozzles
  • Hand lance operator- controlled equipment
  • Removal of redundant and defective concrete
  • Concrete surface preparation - including scabbling

We offer a range of options and solutions for managing and treating liquid and solid wastes generated from site operations. Taking pride in our moderm fleet of equipment , carefully sourced from top manufacturers and suppliers.