X-Force Building & Construction

17 Berwick Street PORT NOARLUNGA SOUTH SA 5167

Contact: Kevin Ashby
P: 0484 235 793

We are a small-sized, responsive, and versatile company with a reputation for our quality capable delivery. The scalability of X-Force allows for us to meet our clients’ needs, accommodating both small and large projects with flexibility, sound knowledg

Our priority considering over 30 years of experience has been focusing on the development and implementation of our services within the South Australian perimeter. Due to our focus, X-Force has fostered a solid reputation throughout the region, completing several significant operations over the years and developing strong, ongoing relationships with our clients.
From project inception through to completion, X-Force ensure our work is delivered to our clients with the highest quality outcome each and every time. This document will provide an overview of X-Force’s capabilities, skills, and experience throughout the industry. It will also provide insights into our company culture, safety procedures and the capacity of our team’s skills and abilities that work together to achieve these quality outcomes and consistently meet client criterion.
Core Capabilities
- Robotic Hydro Demolition
- Hydro Demolition Lance
- Concrete Demolition
- Concrete Remediation
- Concrete Coatings
- HP & UHP Water blasting
- Dry Ice Blasting
- Garnet Blasting
- Concrete Scabbling
- Wet Blasting
- UHP Cold cutting
- Tank Cleaning
- Robotic Tank Cleaning
- Rubber Removal
- Vacuum Excavation
- Pipe Cleaning