PTC S.r.l.

Via Mantegna 4 RUBIERA ITALY 42048
Postal Address: Via Mantegna 4 RUBIERA ITALY 42048 

Contact: Paolo Badini
P: +39 346 0992225

We manufacture high pressure triplex pumps with the brand HPP, from 16 to 413 Kw and up to 500 litres per min. and 2800 bar. We also assemble a complete range of UHP machines with our high pressure pumps.
High Pressure Jetting Systems

P.T.C. Srl is an Italian limited company founded in Genoa in 1968 with main activity as certification of petroleum products and calibration of storage tanks. Later the company diversified its activity including High Pressure Water Jetting technology, particularly related to the maintenance of petroleum processing plants, refineries, dry docks, etc.

Hydrodynamic units

PTC hydrodynamic units cover a complete power range from 15 to 550 kW in continuous duty utilizing high grade triplex pumps with maximum working pressures up to 3000 bar. These units are CAD-designed by our technical staff and produced in our facilities in a wide range of models to suit different input power (by electric or diesel engine), assemblies (skid or trolley) and with accessories (soundproof cabinet, remote control, etc.), all tested in-house to assure the satisfaction of even the strictest requirements concerning reliability and performances. For this reason our customer base is increasingly wide since PTC can solve innovative and standard applications mainly in the fields of:

  • Industrial maintenance (ship hulls, pipe washing systems, exchangers, towers, filters, etc)
  • Pressurization of industrial lines (presses, hydro-forming, line and plant testing, etc)
  • Concrete renovation (hydro-demolition, flaming, ripping, etc)
  • Various industrial uses (foundry castings, precision foundry, steel plate and billet descaling, cleaning and deburring of special pieces, engines, etc.) as well as Under Water jobs.
Special equipment

Over the years, PTC has worked closely with its customers to develop a wide range of taylor made equipment required to use high pressure water jets efficiently and safely, including:

  • SICURJET: a cold cutting system using water jets and abrasives for industrial maintenance in explosion-risk environments.
  • GUIDE RECIPROCATORS: to accompany the nozzle movement to delineate precise linear, radial or circular cuts and hydro-ripping.
  • WASHING ROBOTS: (internal and external) for heat exchangers and pipe bundles in refineries.
  • TEST BENCHES AND SYSTEMS: for flushing and testing pipes and systems of up to 3000 bar
  • FIXED WASHING SYSTEMS: to facilitate hydrodynamic washing in industrial areas.