CKI Industrial Pty Ltd

417 Blackshaws Road, ALTONA NORTH VIC 3025
Postal Address: PO Box 197 ALTONA NORTH VIC 3025 

Contact: Tom Mitchell
P: 1300 CKI 300

CKI Industrial is a privately owned, Australian company, with its head office located in Altona, Victoria. A customer focused and highly innovative Industrial Services provider.

CKI Industrial provides service 24 hours a day, every day of the year in a wide range of Industrial Services throughout Australia

CKI Industrial’s Management and Operations team has decades of experience helping our partners achieve their
objectives. Our expertise in this field is peerless and is the reason why we are so well respected in our industry.
While we pride ourselves on our knowledge, expertise and what we provide our customers; we fully appreciate
that all our customers are unique and deserve a bespoke ‘white glove’ partnership. Our aim is to integrate
seamlessly into your business.

Having the size, scale, experience and vision we share allows for a more flexible approach and the capacity to
evolve as required. Our large support network, combined with some of Australia’s most advanced technologies,
enables management of a broad range of general, industrial, hazardous and problematic wastes, as well as
specialised industrial cleaning, technical and maintenance.