Tooleys Waterblasting Pty Ltd

1-3 Coombak Close, Edmonton QLD 4869
Postal Address: 297 Edmonton QLD 4869 

Contact: Karen Tooley
P: 07 4045 3520

Tooleys Waterblasting is one of the largest ultra-high pressure waterblasting providers in the Far North Region. The experienced team here at Tooleys Waterblasting provide a diverse range of waterblasting and sandblasting services using the most efficie

Here at Tooleys Waterblasting in Cairns, we provide a range of high-pressure waterblasting services at highly competitive prices. Our mobile equipment and team of waterblasting experts can be deployed all across the Greater Cairns area, Far North Queensland and up to the Cape York region.

We have taken Waterblasting to the next level in Cairns with robotic-controlled, high pressure waterblasting. At safe high speeds as well as being environmentally friendly it cuts time dramatically and reduces manpower, thus reducing costs to the customer. This heavy duty, safe and quick blasting option is useful on large horizontal and vertical surfaces and is most commonly attached to our vacuum truck unit.

Our vacuum trucks provide a fast and efficient removal of waste water and debris. We offer a vacuum loading service and quite commonly this is used in conjunction with hydro-evacuation.