Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a relevant Australian Standard that covers high pressure water jetting?

The AS Standard is AS 4233 High Pressure Water Jetting Systems Parts 1&2, this standard is available for purchase through Standard Australia

What is a Class B pump?

AS 4233.1
High pressure water jetting systems with an output capability greater than 800 bar litres per minute and less than 5600 bar litres per minute are identified as Class A. Systems with an output capability in excess of 5600 bar litres per minute are identified as Class B.

To establish the pump's rating multiply the pump's maximum flow in litres per minute by the maximum pressure in bar.

Example: A high pressure water jetting pump with a maximum flow of 20 litres per minute and a maximum pressure of 2000bar has an output of 40,000 bar litres per minute.  It is rated as a class B pump.

Calculations are worked out using the HPWJ Pump's maximum pressure and flow as identified on the pump compliance plate.

Do my operators need to be trained to operate a Class B pump?

Yes, all operators operating Class B High Pressure Water Jetting equipment need to be trained to national standards and deemed competent.

How and where can I find the required training?

Please refer to the Training page on our website or contact us.

Are nylon whip checks a suitable means of hose restraint?

No, as there have been several high consequence injuries associated with the failure of these devices. AUSJET recommend the use of braided stocking hose restraints only. These restraints can either be wire or synthetic braided.

How do I determine the correct nozzles for high pressure water jetting equipment?

You should always refer to the nozzle manufacturers or distributers for this information. Charts and other information are available from these suppliers including reaction forces to help you determine the correct nozzles.

Who can become a member and what is the cost involved?

Membership is open to all within the industry from individual membership to corporate membership. Please refer to our member's page for membership application process and costs.

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