The Industry

High Pressure Water Jetting.

High Pressure Water Jetting or High Pressure Water Blasting is used throughout all sectors of industry within Australia from mining to the civil construction industry. Pressures typically range from 100bar up to an in excess of 3000bar with flow rates ranging from 6 litres per minute to 500 litres per minute.

Typical applications for High Pressure Water Jetting include the following:

  • Descaling of tanks and pipe work;
  • Industrial Cleaning and decontamination;
  • Coatings removal and surface preparation;
  • Concrete demolition and scabling; and
  • Barnacle removal including subsea.

High pressure water jetting can either be performed manually using hand guns with various types of nozzles, hand held lances, or by tools which remove the operator from the interface with the water jetting equipment such as tank heads, concrete demolition robots and automated lancing machines.

Hydro Excavation.

Hydro Excavation, also known as, Non-Destructive Digging (NDD), Vacuum Truck Excavation, and or Pot Holing, is the safe and efficient alternative to mechanical digging, excavating, and auguring. Hydro Excavation serv is an effective method to safely excavate soil and material without the risk of damage to possible underlying utilities.

Hydro Excavation is performed using a high pressure water jetting lance and nozzle and vacuum truck. This technique uses high pressure water jetting to loosen and breakup the ground, and a high-volume vacuum loading to remove the loose soil and material and educts it into debris tank of the truck.

Vacuum Loading.

Vacuum loading is the efficient and safe movement of solids and liquids for reuse or disposal on site. Vacuum tankers are an extremely fast and effective way of collecting all types of solid and liquid waste, particularly in remote or hard to reach' areas. Vacuum loading is an environmentally friendly solution as it reduces the amount of waste generated in the cleaning process.

Vacuum loading is typically used for removing materials such as slurry's, liquids, sand, chemicals from underground structures and infrastructure, manholes, tanks and vessels. Vacuum tankers are the most effective way of cleaning up environmental spills. Vacuum Tankers are designed to manipulate all types of waste ranging from bricks, clay and concrete to liquids, sewage and adhesives.

Drain Cleaning.

Drain cleaning is the process of clearing roots, blockages and debris from drains, pipes or pits using vacuum hoses and accompanying attachments. Professional tools, equipment and machinery allows operators to efficiently analyse, service, and maintain residential, commercial and government drains.

To ensure water in drains flows freely, drains should be regularly inspected and cleaned by professionals, which allows detection of potential problems before they cause serious issues such as overflows or blocked drain. Specialised drain cleaning services remove hindrance such as debris, fat and silt, roots, grout and concrete as well as installing and maintaining Gross Pollutant Traps and Emergency Overflows.

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