Ausjet Ltd Code of Ethics


  • At Ausjet we conduct our business according to the highest standards of honesty, integrity, respect and fairness when dealing with all of our customers and employees.
  • We require that all of our employees meet these high standards also.
  • Ausjet takes seriously its obligations to comply with all Federal, State and Local Government laws and regulations, as well as common law obligations, and requires all members of the Board of management to do the same.
  • The following Code establishes the standards of behaviour that should be met. Where these standards are not met, and then appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. In cases where the breach involves serious misconduct, this may result in instant dismissal.
  • In cases where a breach of the policy involves a breach of any law, then the relevant government authorities or the police will be notified.

The standards noted below reflect the code of ethics of Ausjet:

    • Treat all fellow members and customers/clients with courtesy and respect.
    • Do not engage in harassing behaviour towards other members or customers or clients.
    • Ensure that all dealings with all members and clients are fair and equitable.
    • Do not discriminate on the basis of irrelevant characteristics, such as sex, race, disability, pregnancy, age, marital status, sexual preference.
    • Do not perpetrate, permit or fail to report violations of any Federal, State or Local government law or regulation.
    • Ensure that you declare any conflict of interest between your role as an officer of Ausjet y and your involvement in an outside activity.
    • Do not use the internet to access sexually explicit material.
    • Do not use email to send sexually explicit, suggestive, or other harassing material.
    • Do not use Ausjet information or work time for private gain.
    • Do not leak confidential Ausjet information to competitors, clients, customers or the media.
    • Ensure honest dealings with all customers and clients.
    • Do not misappropriate company funds or property.
    • Do not misappropriate funds or property of customers or clients.
    • Ensure the highest standard of quality in service.
    • Do not falsify report.
    • Do not breach copyright.
    • Always acknowledge other people's work and ideas.
    • Always put safety first and do your utmost to comply with health and safety requirements.
    • Ensure compliance with all environmental laws and standards.